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Cyberian Technologies Crushes Metrics Tracking With Ninety

“Everyone within Cyberian has embraced our business operating system a little bit easier because of Ninety. It allows us to take our core operational goals and hand them to individual employees who have the ability to track what they're doing, know what their targets are and see on a daily basis where they stand. It’s great.”

– Brody Ertel, Partner/Founder

Since 2005, Cyberian Technologies has gained a solid reputation among companies in the greater Indianapolis, Indiana area as a savvy IT-managed services provider that keeps their clients’ systems running smoothly and protected at all times. Their industry expertise, proactive approach, rapid response time and customer-centered style inspire confidence and peace of mind.

Partner and Founder Brody Ertel says they started growing the business by tracking everything from financials to projects and other metrics with various reporting dashboards. All that improved tremendously once they chose to use Ninety. The ability to track employee utilization week over week, check in with team members, go over metrics together and see how utilization increased has added back hours to their bottom line.

“The ability to have all of our metrics in one place connected concisely to our core values and business goals is what differentiates the Ninety platform. It was a game-changer for us,” Brody says.

Boosting Results From The Top Down

Cyberian Technologies has a remote team of top tech talent who Work From Anywhere™. They partner with their clients as an extended part of their companies.

Cyberian’s leadership team works through Ninety to identify the core values they want to focus on. They cascade those values throughout the entire organization and share them with employees and their business coach. For Brody and his teams, it’s a huge advantage to gain that kind of visibility into their company, no matter where teams are working. 

The Ninety platform has impacted Cyberian’s ability to better achieve improvement from the top down. Being able to relate their core values back to key metrics has enabled the entire organization to work with greater efficiency, productivity and accountability:

  • Tracking projects and tasks is easier using the Scorecard, Rocks, To-Dos, and Issues tools. 
  • Leaders add more structure to the remote workday through the Meetings tool. 
  • The Responsibilities chart lets people see their roles and responsibilities and understand how their performance is measured.
  • Automating office processes in the Process tool helps teams spend more time on processes that create value.

Cyberian Technologies knows what’s working, what’s not and where to focus with Ninety. And that makes them a perfect remote partner for their clients.

About Cyberian Technologies

Cyberian Technologies is a full-service IT integration company with a mission to provide each client with a customer service-focused partnership that enables peace of mind with cost-effective, industry-best technology solutions and trusted IT management services.


Information Technology and Services

Company Size

11-50 employees


Indianapolis, Indiana; 317-926-9000

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