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Share your Vision

Company-wide alignment is easier with the Vision tool in Ninety. Communicate and share your Vision at a company, departmental, and individual level, or keep some road maps private. Get your company moving toward the same horizon.

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I point our entire national community of employees to Ninety and say, this is what the Vision is. This is where we're going. This is what we've committed to this year. This is where we are this quarter. This is how we're growing. And this is where we’ll be in the next three to ten years.

Jennifer Zick, Authentic Brand


What kind of visibility have we gained into our organization using Ninety? I would reverse engineer that and ask, what does using Ninety illuminate? So many of the things you track are on a surface level. With Ninety, we see our organization from one layer deeper. We’re cutting through the noise to uncover what’s hidden. But if we want to make gains, we need to work from what's really going on, face it, and address it as part of building a great company.

Michael Buffington, Curis Functional Health

Cut a clear path

Make a Road Map

Develop the specifics of where you want to go, how you'll get there, and potential challenges and opportunities ahead.

Communicate the Mission

Easily display your Vision and your 1-, 3-, and 10-year Goals so everyone knows to move toward the same horizon.

Access Your History

You can archive every version of your Vision so you can see where you’ve been — not just where you’re going.
A woman working on the Ninety app on her tablet. To the side: 3 year goal, 1 year goal, and 90 day goal tools from the app.

Get widespread alignment

Dig into Details

It's not enough to have a dream. Get deeper and more specific with the tools and exercises in your Vision tool.

True North

Every individual and team in your organization can center everything they do around your company's Vision.

Crush Ambiguity

Everyone knows where the organization is headed, how they will get there, and how they can help make it happen.
A screenshot of the Vision tool in Ninety. Featured elements: long term goals, 3 year goals.

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Plus, enjoy these great features across all our tools

Issue Prioritization

Rank Issues from 1 to 5 — cover the most urgent Issues first.

Fully Customizable

Edit your meeting agendas, tool names, layouts, and more.

Make It an Issue

Right-click to instantly create To-Dos or discussion topics.

Cascade Messages

Collaborate by sending items like To-Dos across teams.


Access Ninety from your desktop or phone browser.

Comment on Items

Add your notes for quick and easy collaboration.

Export Content

Print to PDF from any page, and export data to Excel.

Recaps and Notifications

Get meeting recaps and alerts on upcoming or overdue items.

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