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Without question the best software package we use (and we use many!), and has transformed our business. The product support from the Ninety team is the best I have received from any service provider (not just software) in my 33 years of using such products. They listen to any suggestions for improvement and act swiftly. An absolute gem of a company and brilliant product, I simply cannot recommend highly enough.

Patricia Del Buono, Gilroy Kernan & Gilroy, Inc.

This platform is a great way to share information across departments. It is very user friendly and easy to navigate through. It continues to be a good place to prioritize work and issues and serves to keep an eye on the ball. It keeps me on track and allows me to regroup when needed. Small things that I like: the ability to change font, bold, size, bullets and numbering. I know it seems small but it is convenient for me to stay organized.

— Richard Lewis, Davies Partnership

"We really like Ninety because it puts everything in front of everyone in real-time. Our management team is in 3 different locations, so it's great to keep everyone on the same page even when we aren't sitting in the same office."

— Barry Brubaker, Nydree Flooring

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Efficient Meetings

In-app meetings allow you to create clear agreements, measurable results, and confident decisions.


Better Sense of Vision

A fully customizable, shared vision of the future lets you know what needs to happen now to succeed later.


Increased Accountability

Create a clear way for your people to see their roles and how they are measured.


Improved Feedback Cycle

Provide clarity through consistent quarterly one-on-ones and annual reviews.


Documented Processes

Break down processes into steps and sub-steps, so everyone is on the same page.


Unmatched Customer Support

We are real people ready to help. Ongoing support is entirely free and dedicated to improving the user experience.

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More questions? More information:

  • Is there annual pricing?

    Yes! Pre-pay for a year of Ninety to receive a 10% discount.

  • What does ongoing support and onboarding look like?

    We’re available to help in the way that best suits you. Need a demo? Done. Want easy-to-watch videos? Done.  

    We can upload all your measurables to a Ninety to help get you started, free of charge. Learn more here.

    Ongoing support is completely free. Connect with our Client Success team in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • How are paid users calculated?

    Paid users are the Owners, Admin, Managers and direct reports who can actively participate within Ninety. This means they can do things like create and be assigned Rocks, To-Dos, Issues, and Measurables.

    Free users are called Observers. They have access to view tools like Vision and Process but don't have the power to edit or create within the tools. You can also add names to the Directory without activating them as users for free. 

  • Can I test Ninety before my purchase?

    Of course! When you create your account, you will receive 30 days free. No credit card or contract is required to create your account.

  • Are there any setup fees?

    Never! Do you already have information that you want to see in Ninety? Send the info to us, and we will load it into your account free of charge. Find more details here.

  • Are there discounts for charitable organizations and nonprofits?

    Absolutely! Ninety is happy to offer discounts to eligible charitable and nonprofit organizations.

    Please reach out to our Customer Success team via the orange chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner of your screen to check eligibility. It can take up to 14 days to process pending applications. We promise to respond ASAP. 

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