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Autymate Uses Ninety to Work Better, Faster, and More Efficiently

“I think Ninety is the best-designed app out there in the market for how to integrate a comprehensive company operating system in your business. It's definitely got the right approach and has helped me set the course that I need to be on for Autymate.”

– Bryan Perdue, Founder & CEO

In just seven years, Bryan Perdue and his team built the Autymate platform into an easy-to-use integration tool that unifies complex data with processes and people, eliminates manual tasks, and increases return on investment for their clients. 

When it comes to the overall running of projects for Autymate, Bryan says he saves about three hours a day now that he’s implemented Ninety. He’s more able to depend on his team to work out issues on their own, hit company priorities and spend time on things that create value for their clients.

“Ninety does a great job providing the guidance needed for self-implementation. Any answers to my questions were just a chat away.”

Ninety’s Intuitive Tools Helped Autymate Get Focused [Especially These 4] 

Bryan loves how Ninety’s intuitive tools can streamline processes and integrate vision into his team’s Rocks, roles, metrics, and goals. His favorites are:

  1. Process. Now Bryan has a place to document all of the company’s best practices and processes without having to start from scratch, which saves time.
  2. Responsibilities. Autymate teams see their roles and responsibilities clearly, understand how their performance is measured and take control of their workdays independently without being told what to do.
  3. Meetings. Bryan has gained more visibility into where his organization stands, which caused him anxiety in the past. The well-organized meeting agendas focus on priorities that require further discussion with his team. Everyone can now easily identify opportunities, stay on task and hold themselves accountable for solutions that create value.
  4. Issues. Bryan especially likes the simplicity of tracking projects, evaluating roadblocks and easily creating an issue out of any item so his team can focus on their list.

“Operating a company is complicated. Being able to make it simple is hard. Now we can organize to-do lists, solve issues faster and create opportunities. I've never had such a simple issue list, and it's been great.”

Save More Time [and Get Smart Stuff Done™]

Autymate is committed to developing streamlined tech solutions that help CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers do their jobs faster, better and more efficiently. That’s also how Ninety helps Bryan power his business; he has never looked back.

About Autymate

Autymate helps companies thrive by creating complex automations between business systems to help increase efficiency and reduce cost, driving up profitability and opening up new streams of recurring revenue.


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15 employees


Nashville, Tennessee

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