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Two employees using the multiple org charts feature. Superimposed is the Ninety UI containing 3 org charts in a table view.

Multiple Org Charts

Team leaders can now draft multiple versions of an Org Chart to see which structure makes the most sense for their teams.

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Always improving, so your team can too

Be sure to check out our other recent enhancements. We are constantly improving our product based on client feedback. In case you missed them, here are some other improvements we’ve recently made to our tools.

Sync To-Dos with Google Suite Tools
Sync the To-Dos you have in Ninety with Google Tasks and Google Calendar so they’re always front and center in the places you view most often.

Issues Voting
Team members can now vote on issues they want to prioritize for discussion during a meeting.

Upgraded My 90
The upgraded My 90 is a customizable workspace and hub for all your key items in Ninety. This workspace is where you’ll see your Team To-Dos, Personal To-Dos, Rocks, and Scorecard KPIs across all your teams. And all in one easy view.

Custom Language
Language matters to us at Ninety. Whether it's how you talk about your data or how you describe to your vision, we think your terms in Ninety shouldreflect how your team speaks. We added customizable language so you can call tools and other platform elements whatever you’d like.

Custom Vision
Every company is unique, and their Vision should be too. Now you have the flexibility to customize your Vision by adding, editing, and moving sections across tabs.

Custom Meeting Types
Run more than just your weekly meeting in Ninety with Custom Meeting Types. Create new meeting types that best represent team cadence, such as daily stand-ups, with a custom agenda.

Ninety Mastery
We believe teaching resources can be the building blocks of running a great company and using Ninety. Access 90os, EOS®, and custom content in Ninety and track your team’s progress as they complete the trainings.

Persistent Sorting
Sort Issues lists or To-Dos by a column and retain that sorting even if you navigate to a different page or away from Ninety.

Set Repeating To-Dos
There are certain tasks you know you’ll have to do on a regular basis. And now, we’ve made it easy to represent those tasks with the introduction of Repeating To-Dos.

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