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What is Ninety?

Ninety is an innovative, cloud-based platform that helps organizations focus, align, and thrive. Whether you heard about Ninety online, from a friend, or from your business coach, here’s what you need to know about our interconnected platform — including where we came from and where we can help you go.

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Our story, your story

Whether they know it or not, every entrepreneur uses a business operating system (BOS) when building a company. At first, that might mean a simple spreadsheet or something similar.

But as needs grow, more tools and systems are added over time to help perform vital company functions. Mixed all together, they comprise an “accidental” BOS that doesn’t allow teams to work effectively or efficiently. At all.

Business coaches repeatedly saw this scenario play out in real-time and heard a persistent need from their clients: “We wish there were a coaching system software that makes it easier to share our system throughout the company.”

To meet this need, Mark Abbott launched what is now Ninety.io. Ninety’s cloud-based platform makes it easy to store, access, and archive information and automates everyday aspects of your business operating system. The Ninety platform enables organizations to progress along their journeys toward becoming great companies. Because maintaining the status quo won’t help you get there.

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How do we know this? Because we’ve been there. We are you.

Since our founding in 2017, companies that utilize a coaching or business operating system have turned to Ninety and our expanding suite of whole company tools to help them build something that will stand the test of time.

These tools, along with Ninety’s concepts and disciplines, help companies work on (rather than in) the business from a platform that is:

  • Cloud-based, so it supports people wherever they may work
  • Comprehensive, containing every tool company members might need
  • Completely integrated, so everyone has access to the same data
  • Customizable to suit your unique BOS and BOS language

Now, thousands of companies – with over 150,000 users – and hundreds of business coaches use Ninety to allow their organizations to stay meaningfully connected with their teams in this new age of hybrid work.

If you’d like to be one of them, keep reading to see just how we can help.

Our Mission

Helping all companies align and thrive

Whether you need software to help implement a particular business methodology or if you’re just looking to improve and grow your company, Ninety transforms organizations just like yours. (And we’ve got the track record to back it up.) In short, we can help make life easier at any company.

Our company-building platform helps all small to midsized businesses and nonprofits:

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Reduce the amount of time wasted on unproductive, frustrating meetings.

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Document and share the organization's visions, goals, and progress, so everyone understands what’s happening within their own company.

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Genuinely start to love their work again. Our system will reduce (or eliminate) some of your daily sources of frustration and give you a framework to get you on track.

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Reflect on what’s important to them—from a personal to an organizational level.

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Communicate more effectively and accurately — the expectations for a new hire, the details of an assigned task, departmental and company-wide updates, and more.

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Get serious about monitoring data and measurables, so they can all lead to informed decisions that move the needle.

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Meet Our Team

We are a team of entrepreneurs, technologists and visionaries that align on our mission to make the world extraordinarily more productive, humane and resilient. Join Our Team →

Mark Abbot headshot

Mark Abbott

Founder & Visionary

Christine Watts headshot

Christine Watts

Head of Client Success

Kris Snyder headshot

Kris Snyder

Head of Partnerships

Meg Mayhugh headshot

Meg Mayhugh

Head of People

Kara Skandier headshot

Kara Skandier

Head of Brand & Creative

Spencer Seale headshot

Spencer Seale

Head of Content & Education

Nick Jeackjuntra headshot

Nick Jeackjuntra

Head of Product

Timothy Weerasiri headshot

Timothy Weerasiri

Chief Financial Officer

Jono Andrews headshot

Jono Andrews

Head of Marketing

Greg Vesper Headshot

Greg Vesper

Chief Technology & Product Officer

T.J. Kneale headshot

T.J. Kneale

Head of Data as a Product

Clint Hill headshot

Clint Hill

Head of Engineering

Andrew Bourne headshot

Andrew Bourne

Head of Data

Jeannie Ruesch

Jeannie Ruesch

Head of Content

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers.

  • We believe that you have the power to make incredible things happen in just 90 days, 90 minutes, or even 90 seconds. Our platform is there to help you achieve it.

  • “Ninety,” “90,” “Ninety-dot-eye-oh,” “Ninety-eye-oh”...we use it all pretty interchangeably, and so do our users. Call us what you want. What matters is what we can do for you.

  • Absolutely. Our founders are business coaches, so we love talking about how Ninety can help your clients! Let’s schedule a call to answer your questions and walk you through the platform.

  • You certainly can (and should) try Ninety before committing to the platform! We understand that widespread software adoption in a company is a big decision. And because the tools in Ninety involve a general shift in the mindset of your teams, it makes sense that you want to try it yourself first. 

    Start with a free, all-access 30-day trial now. No contracts or credit cards required, no strings attached. Our customer support team will be ready to help walk you through the platform, answer questions, and help you get the most out of Ninety before you start adding your team.

  • Right here! If you’re a nonprofit, you receive 50% off.

  • We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our extensive resource library of user guides, tips for best practices, and regular webinars!

  • Yes! We know that a new platform can be a little daunting at first. But our client success team is unrivaled, and everyone at Ninety will be here to cheer you on. Here’s how to get help:

    First, click to start your free trial. Then, check your email inbox. You’ll find a link to schedule a discovery call in our email to you. During that call, we’ll discuss your needs and give you a personal walkthrough. 

  • The simplicity of the Ninety platform, our best-in-class support team, and our powerful, intuitive tools is second-to-none in the industry. While there may be other coaching system software platforms available, Ninety is the only one that offers customized meeting types, delegation of milestones, notification indicators, and customized language and terminology options to tailor the user experience to your unique BOS. Ninety provides the most expansive array of tools available on the market so that organizations and their teams can realize their full potential. Compare the most popular platforms here to see why EOS Implementers®, Visionaries™, and Integrators™ put their trust in Ninety.

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