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Dakota Transforms Goal Setting and Accountability With Ninety

“With Ninety, you literally have the most simple process to follow. It takes away all the pain. There’s no thinking, no paper, no spreadsheets, no anything. Just set the goals, own them, and meet to review whether your team's on point with each one of their goals. It works so beautifully. A genuine benefit to any organization.”

– Gui Costin, Founder & CEO

Creating goals is essential. But if your company is looking for a way to replace the multitudes of paper it takes to track it all manually, Gui Costin has a better answer for you: Ninety.

“Most people don't even use a system, and if they do, they're not using software. They're doing it manually. It's so cumbersome,” says the founder and CEO of Dakota, a financial services and software company. “Ninety allows you to break it all down to what really matters. Are your teams writing down achievable goals? Are team members accountable for those goals? Are you tracking it all in the most seamless, easy way? Are your meetings productive? Because that's all that really matters.”

Gui says Ninety’s integrated tools work like great customer relationship management (CRM) software with high-quality data accessible to everyone in the organization. It helps to improve transparency and trust and ultimately grow your company.

“You set those goals; you revisit them; you commit to them. That info needs to be all in one place,” Gui says. “Then, every time you meet, you’ll easily see if people are on-point for each one of their goals. It's a massive time-saver.”

Time savings? Huge. Organization? Efficient. Ease of use? Heavenly. Opportunity cost?

Gui says, “Think of it this way. If you weren't doing this, what would be the downside? What would be slipping through the cracks? How much would it be costing your team?”

The power of Ninety comes full circle for Gui and his team during their meetings.

“What Ninety does is it makes it very easy for you and other people to be disciplined about goals. Because you have to be publicly accountable for all of it. You can't hide.”

And that’s a huge help when keeping teams aligned and on-point. Transformational, even.

About Dakota

Dakota provides services and software to help investment firms grow their businesses. The company raises capital for boutique investment firms through Dakota Investments. Through Dakota Marketplace, they provide data and software to help investment firms find investment allocators.


Financial Services

Company Size

11-85 employees


Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

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