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ZipLiens Builds Strong Core Metrics with Ninety for Easy Expansion

"It’s one thing to write an email or talk to someone on the phone, but it’s so easy for the message to get lost in translation. None of that happens with Ninety."

– Wesley Vancil, Operations Manager

After more than a decade working in the legal industry, Nathan Parkey turned his passion for lien resolution into ZipLiens, his B2B service for personal injury attorneys and their clients. The expert attorneys at ZipLiens offer cost-effective lien negotiation that saves firms valuable time. It's what Nathan calls a "win-win" partnership.

With three years under their belts, Nathan and his ZipLiens team have embarked on another "win, win" partnership: choosing Ninety's powerful collection of tools to help them achieve their goals and grow the company. They've developed a set of core metrics that they track with Ninety, data that lets them know instantly where the company is headed and how they're creating value for their clients without waiting for traditional financials to deliver the news.

"It's just great for anyone who is looking at our company as a whole, like investors," says Wesley Vancil, Operations Manager for ZipLiens. "We can pop the numbers up; everything's in a row, and show them how we work. People can grasp our company much quicker than simply explaining the concept to them."

Teams Get The Whole Picture, Every Time

Ninety acts as the drawing board that enables ZipLiens teams to get together for meetings and compare metrics so everyone knows where they stand. Team members see their roles and responsibilities clearly, understand how their performance is measured and can easily identify opportunities, stay on task and hold themselves accountable for solutions that create value. It allowed ZipLiens to expand from a leadership team to include an operations team and sales team. Wesley says, "To be able to see everything from a high level has just been incredible."

Nothing is Lost in Translation

As their partnership with Ninety grows, Wesley is looking forward to participating in the chats, videos and live training webinars that the Ninety's Client Success team has assembled to help users get the most out of the software. "Life happens, and work gets busy, so it's nice that they're recorded," Wesley says. "That way, I can view them when I can and learn more about the service from the guides and best practices."  

One of the advantages of Ninety is the clarity it gives ZipLien. All the data and information they need are documented in one place. Any team member can check it 24/7/365 and get the answers they need quickly and completely.

About ZipLiens

ZipLiens is a B2B service for personal injury attorneys and their clients who need innovative, compliant legal partners to handle lien resolution on their behalf. The on-staff attorneys and legal experts at ZipLiens have the knowledge and experience necessary to negotiate liens efficiently and effectively at no charge to the firm, giving them more time to focus on what they do best.


Lien Resolution and Subrogation

Company Size

11-50 employees


Louisville, Kentucky

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