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Measure Performance

Ninety makes leveraging your key data even easier. Our interconnected platform helps you collect, organize, and track your meaningful numbers so you can propel yourself forward with data-minded choices using Scorecards. How else can you learn, grow, and celebrate wins?

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Ninety is a once-in-a-career game changer! Accountability grows, transparency grows, and OUTCOMES grow. The ability to bring together a) Scorecards, dashboards, and data into a cadence of regular reviews — along with b) a focus on 90-day priorities and c) a collection of personal and team To-Dos and Issues that get resolved. It's UNBELIEVABLY accelerating to execution short-term and growth — long term. I wish I had Ninety for the past two decades. I will NEVER give it up moving ahead.

Matt Beecher


Before Ninety, I literally would use a different color legal pad to keep notes of ideas and information for each practice specialty. Now, the continuity of having everything in one place is just like the KISS principle: It is so simple and yet very profound. Everything could always be referred back to; we could see the history, we could see the trends necessary for forecasting, and we know the numbers are going to be accurate. We can actually see what was happening in the practice rather than it being typically a lot more guesswork.

Michael Buffington, Curis Functional Health

Meet your measurables

Customize Data

Prioritize what's most important to each team, agree on what poor performance looks like, and cut out extraneous data.

Set and Forget

Spend less time fiddling with external spreadsheets — just set up the Scorecards once, and the data will continue to populate.

Track Trends

Display and archive week-over-week, month-over-month, quarter-over-quarter, and year-over-year data to watch trends.
A screenshot of Ninety's weekly scorecard UI. Three rows of a table with an owner, title, and goal field.

Data at your disposal

Aligned Targets

Easily review your team's Scorecard together during weekly meetings so you're all on the same page.

Adjust Your Scope

Different periods of time, different calculations — only show what makes sense for each team.

Smarter Decision-Making

Use team Scorecards to make data-informed choices that create real, tangible value for the company.
A user enters data into Ninety's scorecard which contains Goal, Goal Orientation, and Owner Fields, among others

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Explore our Blogs for practical examples and applications of our tools in realtime settings or our expansive library of Education guides and briefs aimed at helping you leverage each of our tools to its full potential.

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Plus, enjoy these great features across all our tools

Issue Prioritization

Rank Issues from 1 to 5 — cover the most urgent Issues first.

Fully Customizable

Edit your meeting agendas, tool names, layouts, and more.

Make It an Issue

Right-click to instantly create To-Dos or discussion topics.

Cascade Messages

Collaborate by sending items like To-Dos across teams.


Access Ninety from your desktop or phone browser.

Comment on Items

Add your notes for quick and easy collaboration.

Export Content

Print to PDF from any page, and export data to Excel.

Recaps & Notifications

Get meeting recaps & alerts on upcoming or overdue items.

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