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  • tools for more efficient meetings

    The 3 Best Tools for More Efficient Meetings on Ninety

    There’s no doubt that Weekly Meetings are essential to making the team run like a well-oiled machine. Keeping the team on the same page through one central meeting is a great way to allow everyone more time to focus on work. 

  • Headlines in Ninety [How, When, and Why You Should Use Them]

    Headlines are the pieces of news that likely don't warrant a discussion but are a good "FYI" for the whole team. When using Ninety's online meeting software tool, the team shares Headlines during a specific spot on the agenda during Weekly Meetings.

  • insight investment funding announcement

    How Will Ninety Help You Grow? [Our New Investment Funding]

    Recently, Ninety announced the closing of its Series A investment funding led by New York-based global private equity and venture capital firm Insight Partners. This funding will support Ninety’s ongoing efforts to help small to midsize organizations ...