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  • More than Just Talk: The Purpose and Benefits of Meetings

    As companies evolve in a New Age of Work, there’s no doubt that meetings matter — but only when the purpose is clear, the agenda is established, and the time spent together leads to alignment, actionable outcomes, and appropriate follow-up ...

  • 5 people meeting to discuss the agenda

    Wondering How to Write a Meeting Agenda? (Don’t — We’ve Done It for You.)

    Meetings are essential to gaining alignment and creating an organization that can thrive, but they’re only as effective as the agendas we create for them. This article will highlight the power of time-tested (and time-saving) meeting agendas and how to ...

  • Track Issues Completion Rate

    Run more effective meetings by tracking the percentage of Issues solved. Our new Issues dashboard will have people ready for engaging discussions that lead to resolving more Issues in your meetings.  Read more >