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  • Rustic wood beams create a geometric pattern.

    Thoughts on the Inputs and Outputs of Work and Life

    Constructing, renovating, and running a home is like building a company. Those who lead with care and attention to detail build the best houses. You cannot create a house or a business simply by imagining the final product. Instead, you need to focus on ...

  • A screen displays Ninety's Data tool, featuring a team Scorecard

    EOS Scorecard™: Make Data Your Superpower

    Business owners are always looking for ways to streamline performance tracking and drive success. But with so many data points to consider and different tracking systems at your disposal, the process can get unwieldy and overwhelming. The Scorecard in ...

  • Coaching clients use the Ninety platform in session

    Leadership Skills — Balancing Efficiency and Effectiveness

    Leading an organization, department, or team is a balancing act. You need to ensure things are getting done while monitoring team health. You need to meet deadlines and stay on budget. To accomplish this delicate balance, leaders often focus on being ...