Linking Items

Finding the connections between your day-to-day work and larger organizational goals just got easier. Our new Linking Items feature allows you to track and visualize the relationships between To-Dos, Milestones, Issues, Rocks, and more. This provides much-needed context about why specific tasks or Issues were created in the first place. That, in turn, helps team members better prioritize and complete their work on time. 


Reasons to love this feature:

Context is key, especially if you’re constantly multitasking with a number of items in the Ninety platform. The Linking Items feature offers that context so you can see how things relate to each other and how or why you might need to prioritize one thing over another — a pressing To-Do over a long-term Issue, for example. This ensures optimal productivity and allows for appropriate resourcing at the team level. What’s more, Linking Items lets you see who is accountable for each item, enabling clear communication and accountability between collaborators. 

Key benefits:

  • See how different records are connected, making it easier for team members to prioritize and complete work.
  • Engage in high-value work by helping team members articulate, track, and achieve their goals.
  • Increase team member engagement by removing friction when accessing and referencing related records.

How It Works

When creating or editing an Issue, To-Do, Milestone, or Rock, click on the ellipses at the far right of the row or dropdown when the item is open and select the linked item you want to create. The item will be associated to the record you’re currently creating or editing. Once added, it will then show as a “Linked Item” and will list the owner of that particular item.