An Upgraded My 90: Customized for You

The upgraded My 90 is a customizable workspace and hub for all your essential items in the Ninety platform. This workspace is where you’ll see your Team To-Dos, Personal To-Dos, Rocks, and Scorecard Measurables across all your teams. All viewable in one easy, accessible space.  


Reasons why you will love this feature:

The improved user interface is a big win for everyone, especially if you’re sitting on many different teams. This upgraded view centralizes all your work in one place to provide the focus needed for your most critical tasks. And you’ll always know what’s MOST critical because you can customize the dashboard to prioritize certain items over others (Milestones vs. Personal To-Dos, for example). This is especially helpful if you own many Scorecard measurables and/or have To-Dos coming at you from multiple teams — to say nothing of the Personal To-Dos, Rocks, and associated Milestones you create for yourself! 


Why it matters:

In this New Age of Work with hybrid or fully remote workforces, people spend more time pivoting between apps, platforms, and programs than ever before. Not only is that a disjointed — and sometimes exhausting — exercise, it cumulatively leads to alarming amounts of wasted time. 

By centralizing in Ninety all the critical items you’re responsible for in Ninety into one view, you could be saving yourself days in productivity each year. 

How it works:

Click on [My 90] on the left side menu. Your default view will now show clearly delineated Team To-Dos and Personal To-Dos. And your Milestones will now be visually tied to the Rocks they support, so you can see how every element of those 90-day goals connect and how you’re tracking your deadline(s). Scorecard Measurables sit below, but the entire view is customizable to your liking by simply clicking the “Edit Layout” button to rearrange the cards available in your workspace.

Screenshot 2023-07-14 at 9.47.30 AM-1

Key features:

  • Customized workspace for your unique workflow and responsibilities that will help you maximize efficiency. 
  • Cross-functional view of all your work, important tasks, projects, and KPIs across all the teams you sit on. Access an at-a-glance view of your Rocks and the Milestones to get them done so you never miss a deadline. 
  • Streamlined To-Dos from all your various teams and your personal To-Do list, in one easy-to-manage view.