Issue Voting for More Productive Meetings

Issue owners typically rank the Issues they add to team meetings. But now, others can vote on those very Issues and prioritize them as a team. This allows everyone’s voice to be heard, and the team can decide together which Issues are most important to tackle today.

Reasons Why You Will Love This Feature

Issues can accumulate quickly, and teams often watch the clock tick away as they sift through, prioritize, and re-rank Issues — before they even get to discussing and solving them. 
This new platform feature allows team members to quickly vote and align on the key Issues that must be tackled today. It’s a valuable alternative or addition to the 1–5 ranking system, which can sometimes leave you with far too many 4s and 5s… and a pressing need to do the most important things first. 

Key Benefits

  • Waste less time in meetings discussing which Issues to talk about first. Poll your whole team so you can get the most out of your meetings.
  • Collaborative agenda-setting is enabled when the whole team weighs in on what the most important Issues are. This ensures your team meetings are effective for everyone in the room.
  • More effective meetings begin by setting the right agenda so you can solve the most critical Issues for your team before spending time on Issues that only one person might consider most pressing. 

How It Works

Start by enabling voting within your company "Configuration" settings. Next, within your meeting settings, determine the number of votes each team member can have. When you get to Issues, take 30 seconds to a minute for each team member to vote for their top Issues. Click on the Votes column to sort your Issues list by number of votes, easily pulling the most-voted Issues to the top. If you’d like this feature disabled for your team, you can select to turn it off within your Meetings settings.