Stay Motivated with Private To-Dos

Productivity and organization go hand in hand. As a Ninety user, you’ve already experienced the advantages of keeping all your team’s To-Dos, Rocks, and Issues in the same place. The visibility into your team members’ progress, as well as their visibility into yours, strengthens your team and enhances collaboration. Now, you can gain that same visibility into your own Private To-Dos.

Private To-Dos are agreements you’ve made with yourself rather than with the team. Maybe you want to sign up for a professional development course or circle back with a team member about a shared interest. Put away the sticky notes; Private To-Dos in Ninety are here to help you keep these commitments top of mind with less clutter and mess.

The new Private To-Dos tab allows you to create and manage your individual tasks and commitments right from the To-Dos tool.

Why You’ll Love Private To-Dos

There are several benefits to having all your professional goals and tasks in the same spot:

  1. Enhanced Flexibility: You can update tasks into Private To-Dos after creation, allowing you to easily adapt to changing priorities and personal preferences.
  2. Improved Organization and Focus: The new dedicated "Team" and "Private" tabs help you focus on team-related activities during collaborative efforts and switch seamlessly to personal tasks when needed.
  3. Increased Engagement and Productivity: Keeping track of your personal tasks in the same place as your professional commitments encourages you to fulfill your individual responsibilities.

Why Now?

Because you asked!

We’re updating this feature because users like you asked for seamless integration of your personal tasks with your team tasks on the Ninety platform. Our goal is to help you increase productivity. Consolidating your To-Dos and making them an integral part of your daily workflow does just that.

How It Works

Before this new update, you were able to access your Private To-Dos from the My 90 workspace only. Now, you’re able to keep track of your Private To-Dos in the To-Dos tool as well. Once in the tool, easily toggle between your Private To-Dos and Team Do-Dos.

No more misplaced tasks! With this new update, you can create Private To-Dos without leaving a team’s To-Dos. Plus, you can set up a Google Tasks integration for Private To-Dos, just like with Team To-Dos.

Want to learn more about Private To-Dos? Check out the full Help Center article here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I update a task to a Private To-Do after creating it?
A: Yes, the "Private" slider allows you to adjust the task's status.

Q: How can I differentiate between team and individual tasks?
A: There are two tabs in the To-Dos tool: "Team" and "Private," providing a clear separation for users to view and manage their tasks accordingly.

Q: Will Private To-Dos be visible in meetings?
A: No, the Private tab is designed to ensure that personal tasks do not appear during meetings, maintaining a focus on team-related discussions.

Q: Can I integrate my Private To-Dos with Google?
A: Yes, with the Google integration, users will be able to synchronize their personal tasks seamlessly.

Q: Does the Private To-Dos feature support repeating tasks?
A: Yes, you can set up recurring personal tasks, too.