Multiple Org Charts

Proactively planning your team structure in alignment with your vision is critical to your company's ability to successfully scale. Our new Multiple Org Charts feature allows you to share iterative ideas for that structure and solicit feedback from key team members before sharing it with the entire organization. This lets you build for today’s needs while still maintaining visibility and alignment for where you want your team to be in the future.

Why You'll Love This Feature

Collaboration and alignment are key to shaping the organization you are today… and the one you want to be tomorrow. According to a McKinsey survey, however, more than 80% of organizational structure changes fail to deliver the hoped-for value in the time planned, and 10% cause real damage to the company or culture.

The Multiple Org Charts feature mitigates these concerns by allowing teams to review drafts of Org Chart iterations, provide feedback, and help shape the future of the organization appropriately and intelligently. This gives leadership teams the ability to forecast their hiring and seat needs for the next 1-5 years without causing unnecessary angst — or prompting premature questions — throughout the rest of the company. 

Key Benefits

  • Scale your team for growth by building your team structure with iterative Org Charts so you can plan as you grow. 
  • Share draft charts for review with select members and align with your core leadership team on the ideal team structure before sharing it more widely with your company. 
  • Be more strategic with your structure to plan your teams intelligently and account for different outcomes in your industry. 

How It Works

Owners, admins, and managers will now have the ability to draft Org Charts for the entire company. Once a draft is ready, you can share your draft Org Chart with team members, but you must select those members individually. When an Org Chart has been finalized, team leaders can then make a chart public and publish it as the primary Org Chart for their company.