Sync To-Dos with Google Suite Tools

Sync the To-Dos you have in Ninety with Google Tasks or Google Calendar so they’re always front and center in the places you view most often. As you check them off in Google Suite, they’re synced up as completed in Ninety for your team to see, too.


Reasons why you will love this feature:

People who have many meetings likely rely on calendars and task lists as much as they rely on Ninety. Sound like you? Then this new platform feature will help by meeting you where you are in your day-to-day activities, keeping the To-Dos you’ve created in Ninety front and center at all times. Seeing those To-Dos represented in a Google Calendar or Task view not only ensures they’re top of mind, but it also helps you keep agreements with others, strengthening team accountability. 


Why it matters:

Agreements help you build high-trust relationships with your team. By making agreements (like To-Dos), more visible, easy to manage, and connected to your work environments, you can actively build a high-trust team. Compared with people at low-trust companies, people at high-trust companies report:


  • 74% less stress
  • 50% higher productivity… and 40% less burnout
  • 76% more engagement
  • 29% more satisfaction with their lives

Key features:

  • Improved visibility for To-Dos at the top of your Google Calendar. This helps you plan your day not just around your busy schedule, but also around the agreements you’ve made with your team.
  • Calendar visualization of To-Dos tells you exactly how much time you have remaining before an upcoming To-Do or Milestone is due. Plan better — and accomplish more.
  • Improve accountability on agreements by improving access to your Ninety To-Dos and team agreements. This will result in fewer missed deadlines and better team accountability. 

How it works:

Simply navigate to Settings in Ninety, where you’ll see a new menu for Integrations. Toggle on the Google Tasks Integration. You’ll be prompted to authenticate a connection to your Google account and will need to select the Google Task list you’d like to sync with your Ninety To-Dos. 

We recommend syncing your To-Dos when you’re working in Ninety and before you attend a meeting in the Ninety platform. If you’re working in Ninety and see that the cloud icon by your task is crossed out, that means your task is not synced with Google.

Make sure your latest updates from Google Tasks are reflected before your weekly team meetings or when you’re generating new To-Dos for yourself in Ninety by clicking the “Sync All” button or by individually selecting the sync icon next to the To-Dos in the To-Dos tool. Check out the full Help Article here.