Do Tech Tools For Working Remotely Make It Easier? [3 Tools to Try]

The COVID-19 pandemic literally shut down traditional company operations in favor of reimagined workflows that Work From Anywhere™. This significant shift will direct leaders’ future decisions to increase remote working options for teams and their members.

An inspiring lesson learned from the pandemic is that the benefits of modern technology can help companies realize opportunities to improve efficiency and create value. With the help of Ninety's tools for working remotely, companies can create a Work From Anywhere World™ in the cloud that will keep their employees connected and productive.

The concept of Work From Anywhere (WFA) has captured our hearts and is compelling companies to reimagine how they operate in industries across the board. Technology and tools for working remotely are revolutionizing how organizations choose to embrace this New Age of Work™. As technology becomes more advanced, tools for working from anywhere are bringing us virtually closer together than ever before and will continue to connect us across time zones as well as the places we choose to work.

We are giving more consideration to the benefits of WFA, including improved efficiency, productivity, and accountability among leaders and teams. We’re beginning to view WFA as an important part of hiring and retaining the right people in the right positions, staying competitive in our fields and creating value as part of our company culture. 

Companies are also realizing how important it is to have the right tools and technology in place for everything from data security and accessing remote devices to utilizing cloud computing to facilitate a better WFA environment.

Ninety can help your company create a Work From Anywhere World in the cloud that will keep teams and leaders happy and productive. Get a free 30-day trial now.

3 Tools For Working Remotely To Keep Teams Connected [and More Productive]

With an estimated 50% of U.S. workers projected to WFA two years before the pandemic began, many top companies were already offering full, half or partial WFA opportunities for their leaders and teams.

Now, with the elevated flexibility and autonomy that WFA affords the workforce, nine out of 10 employees who currently work remotely plan to do so for the rest of their careers.

This tells us that the COVID-19 pandemic may have accelerated the shift for employees to WFA, but this trend is transforming into a highly desirable option that’s shaping the future of work as we know it.

What’s more, WFA requires tools for working remotely that keep everyone in the organization connected. Here are three tools that today’s technology has to offer:

  1. Video Conferencing Software

Video conferencing tools for work from anywhere like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meet and others offer teams face-to-face collaborations with other team members. These real-time meetings keep people from feeling isolated while WFA, which helps them stay motivated and productive. Better video conferencing software is user-friendly, compatible with a variety of devices, operating systems and browsers and accommodates all of your teams and their members.

  1. Work Communication Platforms

Work communication tools like Slack, Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, and others provide a digital platform for the free flow of relevant information among leaders and teams. These platforms help facilitate collaboration, connection and community, essential elements that are shaping the future of work.

  1. Cloud Applications and Services

Cloud-based productivity tools like, Asana, Basecamp, and others provide a wealth of benefits and advantages to companies such as:

  1. Improved Security – often customizable and guaranteed
  2. Limitless WFA – regardless of location, including easy, organization-wide communication
  3. Increased Productivity – through unlimited connectivity for autonomous decision-making, agility and growth
  4. Accessibility - seamless access to information when needed or wanted
  5. Flexible Collaboration – cloud storage tools enable work on a single project together
  6. Continuity – with a reduction in downtime
  7. Scalability – to predict expenses and create value
  8. Processes Automation – to focus on value-creating tasks and productivity

Ninety makes it easy to connect with others, establish clear accountability, and use efficient ways for measuring performance regardless of location. Get a free 30-day trial now.

Ninety Takes Tools For Working Remotely To The Next Level [Features That Enable Greater Efficiency, Productivity, and Accountability]

Ninety's platform can streamline processes as well as integrate company vision into a team’s 90-Day Goals, roles,  and metrics. Every Ninety tool is intuitive, making it simple to organize to-do lists to see what is on the horizon or past due, solve issues faster and create opportunities.

Ninety’s tools for working remotely help companies enjoy greater efficiency, productivity, and accountability in their WFA days.

  1. Ninety’s Meetings tool helps leaders add more structure to the WFA day by offering a better way to run a meeting. Well-organized agendas focus on priorities that require further discussion with the team. Leaders can quickly launch highly efficient meetings so team members can stay on task and on time, with one-click options for creating actions to identify opportunities and hold people accountable for solutions that create value.
  2. Ninety’s Roles & Responsibilities Chart creates a clear way for your people to see their roles and responsibilities with a high level of detail. Once they understand how their performance is measured, they can take control of their WFA day, set aside uninterrupted blocks of time to complete projects, and learn to discern between things that truly need an immediate response and those that can wait for an answer.
  3. Ninety’s Scorecards, 90-Day Goals, To-Dos, and Issues help companies carry out work during the WFA day. Tracking projects and tasks are easier with these digital tools for working remotely to efficiently organize projects, evaluate roadblocks much faster and visualize improvements. What’s more, leaders can become coaches for team efficiency by setting the example, creating goals, clarifying expectations and giving people room to grow.
  4. Ninety’s Process tool helps companies automate office processes so teams spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on processes that create value. Streamlining processes also means integrating the company vision into roles, metrics, and goals so teams can rock their WFA day.

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Many companies aren't sure how to improve WFA productivity. But Ninety can help. helps teams build great companies. Our software makes it clear who is responsible for what, what’s working and not, and where to focus.

Thousands of companies trust Ninety’s simple, powerful and helpful tools to work smarter from anywhere. Sign up for a free trial with access to all functions, features, and support. We guarantee that you’ll love it.

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