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Team Ninety is software to help teams build great companies, powering thousands of small to mid-sized companies, and tens of thousands of their employees, with the software and tools they need to elevate productivity, humanity and resiliency -- and to help their organizations and people flourish.

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  • man setting business goals on laptop

    Real-World Business Goal Examples for Your Company's Success

    The unstated goal of any business is to make money. But the problem with focusing on making money is it leads to the wrong focus. As we like to say at Ninety, "You don't make money because you want to make money, you make money because people value what ...

  • Issue Voting for More Productive Meetings

    Issue owners typically rank the Issues they add to team meetings. But now, others can vote on those very Issues and prioritize them as a team. This allows everyone’s voice to be heard, and the team can decide together which Issues are most important to ...

  • man working on laptop setting business goals

    A How-To Guide on SMART Goals for Entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurs know that all goals are not created equal. Some are built upon a pressing need or a quick, easy win. Others might take shape as a stretch goal. But when it comes to sustaining growth as a business, proper goal setting is critically ...