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Team Ninety is software to help teams build great companies, powering thousands of small to mid-sized companies, and tens of thousands of their employees, with the software and tools they need to elevate productivity, humanity and resiliency -- and to help their organizations and people flourish.

Articles by Team Ninety

  • Ninety's busy 2023 represented by a rocket ship surrounded by computers and text bubbles with our new features.

    The Ninety Platform: Always Improving

    One of the core values here at Ninety is Get Smart Stuff Done. And in 2023, we did just that by rigorously testing and implementing a ton of new features and upgrades to the Ninety platform to help you and your teams work smarter and more collaboratively ...

  • A laptop featuring the Ninety platform with a snapshot of repeating To-Dos

    Set Repeating To-Dos

    There are certain tasks you know you’ll have to do on a regular basis, whether it’s annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even daily. Why enter a new To-Do every time — or risk forgetting to do it altogether? Our new Repeating To-Dos feature lets you ...

  • Main Navigation Improvements

    The Ninety app now has a fresh new look and feel to it, enabling a better, more intuitive user experience. All of the original elements remain, but now those critical resources you need to manage your business operating system are grouped together ...