Assign and track tasks.

Get the truth on the number of deadlines your team is hitting, get more specific when assigning a task, and get insight into who’s responsible for what at a glance. The EOS® To-Do List function in Ninety makes it easy to communicate what you’re asking for, assign tasks, and track deadlines.

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Honestly, this has helped every person be more accountable for hitting their numbers, getting their To-Dos done, and knowing how they can help the team hit their goals. [Ninety] is such a useful tool for running effective meetings and an effective team.

Tim Citeno


Before Ninety, I literally would use a different color legal pad to keep notes of ideas and information for each practice specialty. Now, the continuity of having everything in one place is just like the KISS principle: It is so simple and yet very profound.

Michael Buffington

Results achieved through EOS + Ninety

See who’s working on what.

Assign To-Dos

Create To-Dos as they naturally come up during the week or in meetings. Click on any topic to easily create action items for it.

Add Details, Give Context

Include notes, set deadlines, add links, attachments, and more in tasks so team members know exactly what needs to be done.

Keep on Track

Track task completion rates and deadlines so everyone is held accountable for their responsibilities and contributions.

Nothing falls through cracks.

Send it

Have a task for another department? Create a To-Do, add notes for context, and assign it to anyone in the organization.

Get reminders

Turn on text notifications for your almost-due To-Dos, so you never miss another deadline or forget a task.

Work together

Assign multiple owners to a To-Do whenever you need several team members to collaborate and get the job done.

Plus, enjoy these great features across all of our tools.

Rich Text Editing

Format any text with bullet points, links, and more.

Add Attachments

Attach files to provide context and keep documents together.

Make It An Issue

Right-click to instantly create To-Dos or discussion topics.

Archived Content

Easily view past items on each page via toggling and a search.


Access Ninety from your desktop or phone browser.

Comment on Items

Add your notes for quick and easy collaboration.

Export Content

Print to PDF from any page, and export data to Excel.

Revisit Details

Quickly edit deadlines, reassign tasks, and rearrange details.

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