how to use rocks in ninety

Seamless Messaging Between Teams: Solved with Ninety

How do you share information across your company? 

That's a vague question but one worth asking occasionally. The question is the nature of the information this ranges from "What do we stand for?" to "What's happening today?" The answers are vital, yet their supporting messages live over different time frames. 

As such, Ninety has a home for both. The tools in Ninety make communicating across the organization easy. Let's explore this in more detail.

What's the core information we need to share? 

In the past, new employees might receive a handbook containing company information. Maybe they thumbed through it. Maybe the annual goals existed inside the founder's head and were communicated sporadically but never actually captured. Maybe they didn't exist at all. 

The Vision planning tool in Ninety has a few equally important roles. One is to require a leadership team to commit to core principles that define the business and develop its long-term goals, but that's a topic for your Coach to help you with. The second, and where Ninety shines, is through broadcasting these principles and goals across the organization, so there is no ambiguity regarding principles and agreements.

When your company operates within Ninety, everyone can access the Vision (though access to certain elements can be limited if required). It's easy to share and reference back to during 1:1s, so holding employees accountable to its principles is easy. 

Ninety automatically incorporates changes made to the Vision during Quarterly and Annual Meetings. Shorter time-frame goals have a home elsewhere

What's important for this quarter? 

Speaking of shorter time frames, Rocks are the best way to communicate 90-day goals. Now let's focus on ensuring you communicate your Rocks properly within the platform.  

Rocks are set during the Quarterly and Annual meetings but should be revisited far more often than that. Ninety incorporates a section into the Weekly Meeting tool where team members provide a quick "on-track "or "off-track" for their assigned Rocks. While it should be a meeting section that lasts no more than five minutes, revisiting the Rocks and their respective Milestones each week reinforces their importance and drives accountability. 

Without this weekly touch-base, these 90-day goals could easily be drowned out by daily noise, rushed at the last minute, or missed entirely. Rocks set the tone for how your business achieves its long-term goals. Ninety's goal is to help keep those Rocks in focus. 

What if it's only important right now? 

Sometimes the information that needs to be shared is only relevant in the short term this is where the Headline feature comes into play. 

Headlines are just another word for the "title" in the news world; ideally, it conveys the article's main point to entice the reader. The Headlines within your Weekly Meetings are incredibly similar; they act as the conduit by which you share your business news. By news, we mean the updates that keep everyone on the same page. This can range from a "heads-up on," an out-of-the-office reminder, to sharing team achievements like big sales wins. They don't impact how business is done but are essential for everyone to know. 

Here's where the information flow comes into play. Headlines can easily be shared across different teams using the Cascade tools. When running your discussion within Ninety's Meeting tool, right-clicking on a Headline will reveal the prompt to Cascade the item, which allows you to select other teams you'd like to have share that same Headline in their Weekly Meeting. Boom. One less company-wide email to worry about. 

Information is only helpful if it's shared. Ninety's goal is to share information across your organization seamlessly. The Vision, Rocks, and Headlines are only part of the overall package of how we achieve that. All three are good examples of sharing information across different time frames and how Ninety treats them accordingly. 

Gone are the days of LISTSERV emails or over-stuffed binders. With Ninety, the relevant information is always available to those who need it when they want it to move your business forward.

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