How to Customize the Meetings Tool in Ninety

The standard Weekly Team Meeting in Ninety is a powerful tool that increases the functionality of your teams; however, the default meeting agenda isn't necessarily one-size-fits-all. A Senior Leadership Team might need to spend a few minutes longer on the Scorecard, whereas the Warehouse Team might need to include a safety briefing. You can customize the Meeting tool's agenda to better meet your needs by adding sections to the meeting agenda, editing the existing sections, and linking directly to an external URL.

Here are a few example situations where customizing a Meeting in Ninety could be helpful.

Adding to the Agenda

Many contractors and materials handlers hold "safety stand-down" meetings to discuss safety-related topics and recent incidents. Employee and customer safety are paramount in every industry, and capturing and running those within Ninety is helpful.

To add a safety stand-down (or any other type of section) to the agenda, head to the Meetings tool and select the Gear icon in the top right corner. From there, clicking Add Section will allow you to add a title and some details describing the purpose of that section. 


Managing the Meeting Timeline

Maybe you're a two-person business and already up-to-date on your Headlines. That Headline section might be worth keeping in the Weekly Team Meeting to remind you of those discussions, or you might decide that the time is better spent talking through Issues

Or perhaps it's the exact opposite. If you've got the Finance team in your weekly meeting, that extra time might best be spent on the Scorecard, ensuring the numbers are on track. 

All changes to the timing of certain meeting sections also take place in that same Meetings settings dialog (click the Gear icon in the top right corner of the Meetings tool). From that point, you can edit the length and order of any or every section. 


Sharing Visually

Consider a creative team that uses a presentation to share new designs. If your team is more visually oriented, it might be helpful to link to an external presentation. Perhaps your team is brainstorming, so a virtual whiteboard is a more effective way of capturing the team's ideas. It's possible to open up a new tab and navigate away from Ninety's Meetings tool while the meeting is in progress, but that opens the door to losing track of time. 

Ninety includes the capability to open a custom URL within the Meeting, removing the need to flip back and forth between different tabs. Within the Meetings settings, add a URL (above where the description of the Meeting is placed). Doing so will load that URL directly into your Meeting. 


And So Much More

This is just the tip of the iceberg! These situations are by no means the end of possibilities. Each of these functionalities gives you the power to tailor your Meetings to fit your team's needs and your company's industry. 

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