virtual meeting fatigue

Use Performance Metrics to Overcome Virtual Meeting Fatigue

People ask why virtual and otherwise meetings make us tired, cranky, and uninspired with our work. As virtual meeting fatigue sets in, we imagine a time when we stop describing meetings as “a time suck.” Where we meet just often enough, no one dominates the conversation, and everyone is engaged in critical thinking about ideas and collective goals.

It’s absolutely possible. We’ve reached a level in our working lives where we can rely less on meetings for critical operations status and more on performance metrics for the answers with the help of Ninety.

Use Performance Metrics to Overcome Virtual Meeting Fatigue (1)

Quick Facts

  • While 65% of surveyed people say meetings keep them from completing their work, 73% admit they use meeting time to do other work, suggesting people are probably attending too many unnecessary meetings to get things done.
  • While meeting attendees’ perceptions aren’t always accurate indicators of the work that’s being done, the unbiased and accurate nature of metrics can help us better understand how teams are working and how projects are progressing.
  • While 90% of people report daydreaming in meetings, performance metrics take a deep dive into productivity, telling us nearly everything we need to know about progress, quality and output.
While a person’s insight may wane after the sixth meeting of the day, metrics can generate more immediate and insightful feedback on the vital signs of company health at any time without leaders waiting for a meeting to know what’s going on right now with everyone and everything.

Banish Meeting Fatigue with Insightful Performance Metrics … and Better Meetings

Ninety help us overcome virtual meeting fatigue by enabling better meetings for greater efficiency and attendee satisfaction. With customized, concise agendas available in advance, leaders can be disciplined about meeting times and also create documentation for people to collaborate on later. Plus, running better meetings means we’ll need to attend fewer of them.

From a simple, all-in-one, cloud-based platform, it’s easy for teams to transform meeting data and performance metrics into actionable insights, so we know what’s working, what’s not and where to focus. Ninety helps streamline internal communication, which means delivering critical data exactly where and when it needs to be. We can easily identify who needs assistance in what areas and offer support using performance metrics. This helps build trust with our teams, who want to know they have autonomy on the job and a helping hand when needed.

Ninety’s expanding collection of tools helps integrate data, opportunities, issues, processes and people to achieve goals and accelerate the company vision. An added benefit is the ability to make time for better well-being. Analyzing metrics around performance can help flag any signs that someone is unwell, working too many hours or struggling to maintain productivity levels. Leaders can readily determine when a personal check-in is needed.

Action Steps

Lead 6 Types of Meaningful Meetings

With the help of Ninety, leaders can prepare for, customize, run, and document meetings to improve efficiency, elevate team involvement, provide automated performance metrics and accomplish more.

  1. Weekly Meeting – The leadership and departmental teams meet weekly to stay on top of key priorities, evaluate performance, check in for updates, and discuss key issues as they arise. 
  2. Vital Signs – The leadership team meets weekly or periodically to take the pulse of company operations and ensure that everything is on track and focused on working on shared goals.
  3. Quarterly SessionThree times a year, teams meet to discuss how they did last quarter and prepare for the next.
  4. Annual PlanningOnce a year, the leadership team meets to discuss performance over the last year and plan for the next, review each member’s organizational check-up before the meeting and take a temperature reading of team health.
  5. One-on-One – Meetings between two individuals where they can have the privacy they need and access to all the helpful tools to support the discussion and outcomes.
  6. Foundation Day – A full day of focused work on any team project without distraction.

Encourage Teams to Prepare for Each Meeting in Advance by Utilizing Ninety

  • Add Headlines and Issues during the week as they think of them.
  • Update their Rock details as they are worked on.
  • Add their scores for the performance metrics.
  • Check off To-Dos completed during the week.

Make Meetings Run Smoothly with Ninety [3 Tips]

  • Have one facilitator who leads the meeting and one scribe who runs the Ninety meeting tool.
  • Screen-share Ninety when bringing remote teams together with video conferencing software.
  • Share Ninety on a monitor at the meeting place when bringing teams together in person.

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