A woman at her desk viewing the Process tool on her laptop.

Document your processes

Capture your company-wide processes and procedures and archive them in a central location with Ninety’s Process tool. Company-wide, departmental, and down to an individual level, everyone can benefit from understanding the steps to success. Increase consistency, reduce errors.

Record what you do — and how you do it.

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The highest recommendation for business leaders. Many companies try to implement a basic goal-setting process for their leadership team. We tried for years and failed because it was too hard to manage all the information, and we did not have a process to follow. While I’m a big believer in everything Ninety is doing, the game-changing platform that they have created at its most basic level is extraordinary. Here is why: their platform is a system and process to follow online. Each meeting is timed and follows an extremely detailed process. Once set up, it’s simple to follow, and it’s all stored in one easy place to access. Turn your brain off and subscribe if you want a goal-setting platform that sticks. It’s completely changed how focused we now are with little managerial effort.

Gui Costin, Dakota


Everyone within Cyberian has embraced our business operating system a little bit easier because of Ninety. It allows us to take our core operational goals and hand them to individual employees who have the ability to track what they're doing, know what their targets are and see on a daily basis where they stand. It’s great.

Brody Ertel, Cyberian Technologies

Get it done right, every time

Refine workflows

Visually break down how everything is done and who is responsible for what, so anyone can follow the procedure.

Get detailed

Create checklists, assign responsible parties to steps and sub-steps, track performance, add links and attachments, and more.

Make improvements

Easily assess existing processes at a glance to find sticky spots, delegate steps, and continually improve efficiency.
An employee outside on his laptop. Superimposed is the Process tool, where the employee is creating an Onboarding process.

Get it down in writing

Improve consistency

If team members handle a process differently, you'll produce inconsistent and uneven results.

Standard procedure

Setting a standardized operating procedure for everything you do assures quality is the top priority.

Faster onboarding

Educating a new hire is faster, easier, and more effective when they can visually see processes and workflows.
Two employees having coffee. Superimposed is the onboarding process, finalized from the previous image.

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How to Build Steps and Sub-Steps to Processes

Add and edit steps and sub-steps by adding checklists, connecting measurables, attaching external documents, and assigning owners.

How to Edit Your Processes on Ninety

Zoom out, move, and copy Process steps and sub-steps with ease! We want to make it easy for you to make changes and view more at once.

Export and Print Processes as PDFs

You can print out your Processes from Ninety, so even people outside of your organization can understand how you do what you do.

Plus, enjoy these great features across all our tools

Issue Prioritization

Rank Issues from 1 to 5 — cover the most urgent Issues first.

Fully Customizable

Edit your meeting agendas, tool names, layouts, and more.

Make It an Issue

Right-click to instantly create To-Dos or discussion topics.

Cascade Messages

Collaborate by sending items like To-Dos across teams.


Access Ninety from your desktop or phone browser.

Comment on Items

Add your notes for quick and easy collaboration.

Export Content

Print to PDF from any page, and export data to Excel.

Recaps & Notifications

Get meeting recaps & alerts on upcoming or overdue items.

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