Reach Business Goals

Learn How to Make Rocks SMART to Hit Your Business Goals

How often has your team set quarterly objectives, only to forget who was assigned what and what exactly the team meant by a specific project?

Well, say goodbye to blocked expectations.

Ninety allows you to easily add Rocks into an all-in-one cloud-based platform so everyone can see exactly who is accountable for what.

Through Ninety, assign Rocks to specific people, and designate whether it is a company or an individual Rock. The system is completely connected, so company Rocks automatically appear on the Vison planner.

Make them SMART

Make your Rocks SMART use the description area to add details and Milestones to stay on track.

Update the Status

When your Rock does move from on-track to off-track or complete, update the status so your team knows your real-time progress. Use the comments fields below to describe what specific things occurred to make this status change occur or what you/the team are currently doing.

Used this way, the comments section can become a record of your Rocks progression throughout the quarter. Anyone can comment on a Rock! So have the team pose questions, tasks, or updates there!

With Rock tracking in Ninety, your team will easily hit that 80% (or better!) completion rate!

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