Milestones on Rocks

When building out your Rock details, include as many Milestones as needed to create meaningful due dates to accomplish a bigger goal. 

Milestones in Ninety have several features. You can:
  • Assign it to any member of your team
  • Give it a unique Due Date, Title, and Description
  • Make it a To-Do

Milestones automatically become To-Dos 7 days before they are due. The Milestone and its To-Do are connected, so when you mark the To-Do done, the Milestone is marked done as well.

That means you can receive your Henryx reminders about Milestones (via To-Dos) to stay on top of executing your goals.

Learn more about using Milestones here.

Activate Milestones

You'll need to activate Milestones in Settings to get started. 

Visit Settings > Configuration and toggle on the Milestones on Rocks option. That gives you the ability to use the functionality listed above!

(Note: You must be an Admin or Owner on the account to access Configuration in Settings.)

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