How to Print Your Org Chart or Duplicate a Seat

Two Org Chart updates are ready! Continue reading to learn more about our printing updates and duplicating seats.

New PDF Print Option: Single-Page

Press the PDF button in the top-right of the Org Chart tool for print options. Your options include the Print Type and Seat Type. Print Type allows you to choose between Multi-Page and Single-Page.

Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 8.56.17 AM

Multi-Page is the printing option that has always been available, with the leadership team on the first page, then each of the following pages showing one seat with the seats they manage below.

Single-Page takes the top seat in view and prints all seats below on a single PDF. The PDF will vary in size depending on how many seats you export. 

Seat Type allows you to choose between a detailed view which will print all the Seat's roles and responsibilities, and a condensed view, which only prints the Seat title and Seat owner.   

Duplicate a Seat

When building or revising your Org Chart, you can duplicate a Seat to copy the Seat's title, roles, and responsibilities to a new Seat.

In what other ways can we make the Org Chart easier to build or view for your teams? Let us know!