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Using Core Values to Build a Team [3 Ways to Inspire Hires]

Core values are an effective tool for attracting high-quality candidates and hiring people who already believe in and exemplify your core values.

Strong organizations focus on their core values — the ideas that represent them and define what they really stand for — to help them build the culture they envision. Core values are the principles that you want everyone in your organization to share.

Your core values often inspire additional codes of behavior in your leaders and teams, which is why you stand by them and accentuate their meaning whenever you can:

  • Repeat your core value message often so the entire organization believes in your conviction and its importance.
  • Ensure that everyone in your company is accountable for your core values.

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Articulating and communicating core values is essential to getting the right people in the right seats to help you achieve the vision you have for your company.

Evaluating Candidates for Open Seats Based on Your Core Values

Core values are an effective tool for attracting high-quality candidates to your company. You will likely hire people who already believe in and exemplify your core values by showcasing them in marketing for open seats.

Here are three ways to use your core values to inspire good hires.

1. Craft a Profile of Your Core Values

Your core values profile should be written in document form and include an outline version, long and short versions, and a blurb version that can be used in every posting for an open seat at your company.

In addition, use core values wording in marketing collateral, press releases, internal and external company communications, speeches, talks, webinars, podcasts and as a tagline on posters, brochures, advertisements, company website and social media platforms.

2. Highlight Core Values in a Video

Produce a video about your company that highlights core values and culture. Use it on your website, social media platforms and any place where your leaders, teams and potential hires consume video content.

3. Reinforce Core Values in the Hiring Process

Make sure team members responsible for hiring can talk passionately about core values during interviews. Include core value questions for candidates, such as:

  • Here’s a situation you could face in this seat. How would you act? (See if their answer aligns with your values.)
  • Here’s a list of values and standards. Which do you identify with? (Include at least one of your core values.)
  • Describe your values (without prompting them with your own. See how they align.)
  • How do you feel about our core value statement? (Describe core values and gauge their reaction.)

How Ninety Helps You Identify and Leverage Your Core Values

Ninety enables you to keep track of your core values to use them as a hiring tool. 

  • Have a shared vision of the future that lets you know what needs to happen now.
  • Create a clear vision for each team.
  • Detail three-year and one-year goals to drive towards greater achievement.
  • Share vision goals with all teams or keep them private.

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