The 3 Best Tools for More Efficient Meetings on Ninety

There’s no doubt that Weekly Meetings are essential to making the team run like a well-oiled machine. Keeping the team on the same page through one central meeting is a great way to allow everyone more time to focus on work. 

Ninety’s goal is to make it easy to run efficient meetings. We do that by providing tools that help your meeting run seamlessly. The focus should be on the content of the meeting, not how you navigate it. Our tools are in locations that feel natural, and we designed them to remove the pesky parts of the meeting. 

All of our tools can help you function more effectively. But we have three tools in Ninety that are true game-changers for your meetings:

1. You can easily make something an Issue.

Solution-oriented teams can occasionally have one big flaw: they see a problem and immediately jump to a conversation about a solution. How’s that a problem? The obvious solution isn’t always the right solution. 

So how do you pre-empt the desire to dive into a conversation? 

Much of it comes down to self-control on the part of the team (and a good coach can be helpful). Ninety also provides options for making that Scorecard item, To-Do, Rock, or whatever you’re talking about into an Issue quickly and easily.

The easiest method that works with just about every item in a meeting is to right-click and select ‘Make it an Issue.’ Selecting this will open a new Issue, pre-populated with a title and the body based on your selected item. From there, all that’s left is to sprinkle in some more context. 

Issues don’t always originate from a pre-existing item in the meeting. Remember that the ‘Create’ button is always ready-to-go in the top right corner for these Issues. 

At the end of the day, someone has to be ready to say, “Let’s put that on the Issues list,” when the conversation drifts off track. In the past, pausing to capture the conversation as an issue might have felt a bit disruptive to the meeting’s flow. Ninety has an answer — the ability to have multiple people operating in the same meeting. 

2. You can have multiple people in a meeting.

One of our recently added functionalities is the ability to have multiple people contributing during a meeting. Now, instead of pausing the entire meeting so the host can capture the Issue, one person can write down the thought while the rest of the team moves forward. 

That’s the power of the “multiple people in a meeting” functionality  — anyone can jump in and add content. No longer is the host also playing the part of the “scribe.” The added benefit is that the person with the most information can type it themselves instead of transcribing it to the host. 

How often have you checked your My90 only to find a To-Do that lacks any detail to remind you of what needs to get done? Maybe it was assigned during a Weekly Meeting, and whoever created the To-Do didn’t have time to add the context you might need. Now that’s a thing of the past. You can take down the To-Do yourself, title it, and add context to the notes so that you still remember what needs to be done later. 

Having multiple people in a meeting on Ninety won’t replace your video-call service. Still, it’s a tool that will undoubtedly make your meetings more productive. That’s what Ninety is all about — the little things that, when added together, make running your business easier. 

3. You can quickly combine Issues.

The ability to combine Issues isn’t something you’ll run into every day, but when you have a reason to use it, it’s incredibly helpful. 

When working through the Raise, Discuss, and Resolve (RDR) section of the Weekly Meeting, it’s not unheard of to come across Issues with many similarities. Merging those similar Issues allows you to save time and better prioritize the rest of the conversations. 

Ninety allows you to make this combination quickly and easily. Right-click on the Issue containing the information you’d like to combine and select “Merge with another Issue.” Ninety will then ask you to select the Issue that will receive the info. 

A few button clicks later, and all the data has been merged into one Issue. This feature works on both Short-Term Issues and Issues in your Parking Lot and is available in every type of meeting. 

Suppose you are someone who enjoys getting incrementally better at meetings (or anything else, for that matter). In that case, you likely already see the benefit of these tools. 

There is skill involved in pausing the conversation so an issue can be created or recognizing that you can merge two Issues, but remember that you have these tools at your fingertips to capitalize on those situations.

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