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As lifelong learners, we use assessments to learn about ourselves, each other, and our organization. Increasing awareness of ourselves and others is another way to build a great company.

We’re big advocates of a few personality assessments that have proven to be consistently effective. These surveys assess how a person is motivated, operates, and solves problems. When hiring, these insights help us find the Right Person for the Right Seat and help teams seamlessly integrate new members. 


One of the great joys in life comes from gaining insight into ourselves. We’ll share our favorite personality-based assessments (like PRINT®, Kolbe A™, and TypeCoach™) and Ninety’s company-building assessments. Together, these assessments help us understand who we are in different areas of our lives: personal and professional.

Personality Assessments

We’ll highlight three assessments: one that identifies personality characteristics (TypeCoach), one that helps us understand how we're motivated (PRINT), and one that explains how we solve problems (Kolbe).

These assessments can provide the key to unlocking our fullest potential.


TypeCoach goes beyond simple personality type identification to offer a fourfold service:

  1. TypeCoach Verifier — This assessment specifies an individual’s four-aspect personality type with a report offering personal and workplace advice.
  2. Coaching Videos — After analyzing the report, their videos propose answers to potential user questions and personalized keys to success.
  3. Type-to-Type — This tool is an innovative platform showcasing advice for interacting with individuals of specific personality types. The tool can be customized with the names of people from a team or organization.
  4. Corporate Training — Boasting over 130,000 served, TypeCoach proudly organizes team program services to guide participants through their process.


The PRINT Survey seeks to: 

  • Uncover our Unconscious Motivators® — a combination of a Major and Minor Motivator.
  • Analyze the best and worst versions of ourselves — our anticipated Best Self and potential Shadow Self.
  • Detail our triggers  — the people, events, and circumstances that put us at our worst. 

PRINT improves our self-awareness and helps us become conscious of the thoughts, habits, and behaviors that prevent us from becoming better versions of ourselves.


Kolbe offers several assessments to determine to what degree someone solves problems by:

  • Gathering and sharing information.
  • Organizing.
  • Dealing with risks and uncertainty.
  • Showing what they mean.

We use Kolbe in two important ways: to determine a potential team member’s fitness for a specific Seat and to see how well teams might solve problems together.

Ninety's Company-Building Assessments

We’re creating assessments to help business leaders build great companies. Our assessments are comprehensive and interactive. We use them to examine an organization’s current level of proficiency in a given concept, tool, or discipline. Our flagship assessment takes on two forms:

The Baseline Assessment

The Baseline Assessment acts as an initial benchmark of an organization’s fitness based on its proficiency with each of the 9 Core Competencies — the time-tested fields of expertise needed to build a focused, aligned, and thriving organization. We recommend that every team takes the Baseline Assessment when they join Ninety.

Additionally, the assessment provides a BOS Readiness Score, which delivers our sense of the test taker’s receptivity to upgrading their Business Operating System (BOS). We include descriptions of several popular BOSs.

Lastly, the assessment offers insights into hiring a business coach to help advance your company’s vision.

The Org Fitness Review

With a baseline established, organizations and teams should take our Org Fitness Review during their Quarterly Planning Meetings — or at least annually. The scores will show growth across the 9 Core Competencies so teams can have clear markers of their progress quarter to quarter and year to year.

The Org Fitness Review is designed with all teams in mind, from the Senior Leadership Team down to departmental teams.

9 Core Competencies

The 9 Core Competencies are Vision, Customer, Goals, People, Structure, Data, Meetings, Process, and Enterprise Value. Our assessments consist of 25 questions to gauge proficiency in these 9 Core Competencies.

We often compare the 9 Core Competencies to a compass that orients leaders on the map of great company building. An honest examination of a company’s practices, habits, and structure will yield the opportunity to course correct and find the right direction to take the company.

Learn more from our On 9 Core Competencies Guide

Hopefully Helpful Hints

  • Modern technology and science have provided tremendous tools for evaluating the strengths of our people.

    Using assessments to leverage these strengths and identify weaknesses can dramatically impact our relationships and businesses. With their powers combined, personality assessments like TypeCoach, PRINT, and Kolbe can help an organization find the Right People, hire them, and place them in the Right Seats.

  • Company-building assessments aren’t a one-time deal.

    Assessing their organization can help leaders measure growth and set up their company for continuing success.

  • Most professions require dedication to ongoing education.

    Operating a company is no different. In addition to keeping up with the latest books, articles, and seminars, leaders can use assessments to find knowledge gaps waiting to be filled.


Leaders should make time to examine and work on their business. Assessments like TypeCoach, PRINT, and Kolbe lead to self-awareness at the individual level, while Ninety’s assessments lead to powerful insights at the company level. We use assessments to take an objective pulse-check on our operations, strategies, and processes. This information helps us determine our next steps toward growth.

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