Weekly Team Meetings

How to Run Weekly Meetings for your Team [Efficiently & Effectively]

Running your weekly team meetings in Ninety creates more efficiency and less administrative time after the meeting.

Within Meetings, you can go through each meeting section and see exactly what your team has made progress on throughout the week. You can also:

  • Check out the Scorecard numbers they filled in.
  • See if there are any new comments on Rocks.
  • Review what To-Dos were completed, what's still outstanding, and what's new.
  • See what Issues have already been added to the discussion list for that meeting.
  • And more.

How to Run Your Meeting

Every team is different, but a lot of Ninety clients have succeeded in the following three ways of running a meeting.

1. The Remote Meeting

Stay connected through your favorite video conferencing software when your team is in different locations. The Ninety team has tried a few options, and we've found that Zoom has the best call quality and even a free version of the product, but other options like Go-to-Meeting and Skype will also work. All you need is a way to share your screen and see each other's faces!

To start your meeting, one person will log into Ninety, share their screen through the video conference and start a meeting.

This allows each one of your team members to see everyone, the Ninety screen, and avoid distractions when they allow Zoom to be full screen on their computer.

2. The In-Person Meeting

Set up one computer to be connected to a central TV screen for everyone to see, and have one person controlling that to run your meeting. This lets you capture all updates and new content in real-time and allows your team to stay distraction-free from their devices.

Don't have a central screen for everyone to view? No problem. Print the materials!

3. The Print-Out Meeting

Some teams don't have a large TV display in their meeting room. That's why we've made it easy to print the Meeting Agenda each week from within Ninety to pass out to team members.

One person should still run the meeting from within the Ninety software.

This allows your team to have the information in front of them (on paper) but still avoid data entry post-meeting because the admin is entering data in real-time. Having one person within Ninety also helps you stay on time and keep track of new issues!

Finding Your Solution

Each team is different, so feel free to experiment and combine these techniques. The Ninety Client Success Team would love to hear your feedback and is available to talk about your specific needs and help find a solution that works best for your teams! Just click the live chat icon in the bottom right corner.

How does the Ninety team run our meetings? We have some remote team members and some in the same location, so Ninety uses a combination of in-person and remote solutions. Everyone in the same place views one central TV display while being on a Zoom call, so the same screen is shared for those calling in remotely.

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