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  • virtual meeting fatigue

    Use Performance Metrics to Overcome Virtual Meeting Fatigue

    People ask why virtual and otherwise meetings make us tired, cranky, and uninspired with our work. As virtual meeting fatigue sets in, we imagine a time when we stop describing meetings as “a time suck.” Where we meet just often enough, no one dominates ...

  • core values

    Using Core Values to Build a Team [3 Ways to Inspire Hires]

    Core values are an effective tool for attracting high-quality candidates and hiring people who already believe in and exemplify your core values.

  • Quit Spending So Much Time on the Scorecard [3 Tips to Get it Right]

    Your Team is probably spending too much time on the Scorecard discussing Issues that should be discussed during the Raise, Discuss, and Resolve (RDR) section of your meeting agenda. Understanding this section of the Weekly Meeting and adequately ...