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Thoughts on the Future of Work
  • 23 Trends on Virtual Work for Leaders Ebook

    Out of necessity comes re-invention. While many point to the pandemic as the catalyst for our Work From Anywhere World,  this current state of workplace fluidity was an eventuality. In fact, it is the culmination of a number of shifts already in play, delivering us into a new era, a new age. This ebook highlights those trends, offering leaders a fresh perspective to support what they decide to do next.

  • increase employee productivity

    15 Actionable Tips to Increase Employee Productivity

    This is Ninety’s guide on how to improve employee productivity in the workplace. We’ll walk you through five steps and break them down into 15 easy, actionable tips that will transform your team. 

  • how to set employee performance goals

    How to Set Employee Performance Goals [A Guide for Remote Leaders]

    As remote leaders start planning for the next year, they can face certain pitfalls when their teams Work From Anywhere™ (WFA). This is a step-by-step guide on how to set employee performance goals that also addresses six of the most common challenges of writing good employee goals for WFA teams and the tools that will help overcome them.

  • best blogs of 2021

    2021 Wrap-Up [Top 5 Greatest Hits of the Work From Anywhere Blog]

    Which Work From Anywhere™ blogs were most read in 2021? Find out what other readers loved this year and how it helped their companies thrive. These were the top 5 blogs of the year.

  • how to build relationships working remotely

    How to Build Relationships Working Remotely [10 Tips to Create Trust]

    More people are Working from Anywhere (WFA) than ever before. But they may not be sure how to build relationships working remotely with their leaders and colleagues. It’s totally possible to understand what remote working relationships look like and enjoy strong professional bonds – it just takes some time and effort. We’ll show you how.

  • future of work in a pandemic

    5 Insights into the Future of Work in a Pandemic

    In this article, you’ll get five insights into the future of work in a pandemic, which can help leaders and their teams make transformative decisions about the future for their organizations.

  • Is Team Health at the Forefront in Your Annual Planning Meeting?

    Kris Snyder is the founder of the growth advisory firm Impact Architects and has helped entrepreneurs for more than 25 years. Here, he explains why team health is one of the most important aspects of your annual planning meeting and gives you his favorite team health exercises to try.

  • annual planning meetings

    7 Questions about Annual Planning Meetings: Answered

    Kris Snyder is the founder of the growth advisory firm Impact Architects and has helped entrepreneurs for more than 25 years. Here, he answers your questions about annual planning meetings.

  • how to create an annual plan

    How to Create an Annual Plan in 5 Steps

    Kris Snyder is the founder of the growth advisory firm Impact Architects and has helped entrepreneurs for more than 25 years. Here, he guides you through the five steps of how to create an annual plan and how to run an annual planning meeting

  • how can employers increase worker productivity

    How Can Employers Increase Worker Productivity? [10 Tips]

    Effective leaders are always eager to understand how to increase employee productivity at work. Especially in a world where remote work is now the norm. Following these 10 tips to increase productivity at work will help foster accountability and elevate your teams’ commitment to high productivity, regardless of where your employees are located.

  • best tools for remote working

    Best Tools for Remote Working [These 7 Can Help You Trust Your Team]

    If you’re not sure you can trust your teams who Work From Anywhere™, you need to get transparency into what they’re doing and clarify accountability so you can trust them wholeheartedly. With the help of Ninety®, one of the best tools for remote working, people can use collaborative tools for working remotely to build trust, communicate effectively and work together harmoniously.

  • j&c tropicals remote work productivity

    J&C Tropicals Improves Remote Work Productivity [Case Study]

    Case Study - Florida-based fruit and vegetable grower, wholesaler, and distributor improved remote work productivity with a Company Operating System (COS). Here's what their CEO had to say about the change.

  • hybrid work schedule

    Building a Hybrid Work Schedule? [What Companies Need to Know]

    Right now, a growing number of companies are choosing to build return-to-work plans around a hybrid work schedule. According to a recent Deloitte report, 77% of leaders surveyed say they plan to reimagine a traditional in-office workday structure into a mixture of in-office and remote work that enables greater employee flexibility and prioritizes creativity, collaboration and well-being.

  • tools for working remotely

    Do Tech Tools For Working Remotely Make It Easier? [3 Tools to Try]

    The COVID-19 pandemic has literally shut down traditional company operations in favor of reimagined workflows that Work From Anywhere™. This significant shift will direct leaders’ future decisions to increase remote working options for teams and their members.

  • how to communicate with remote employees

    How to Communicate with Remote Employees [And the Best Tools to Use]

    Millions of people shifted to a Work From Anywhere™ model as a result of the pandemic. Now, it’s become the norm. But leaders still struggle with how to communicate with remote employees. Below, we’ll give you some ideas to improve communication with remote employees and recommend the best communication tools for remote and hybrid teams.

  • What Gen Y and Gen Z Expect From a Work From Anywhere World

    Summary: When it comes to recruiting, onboarding, seating and coaching teams, we want to understand the role that generational experience plays in a person’s expectations in a Work From Anywhere World™ and how they view what they do, their colleagues and the future. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the expectations of millennials and Generation Z and the technologies that enable Work From Anywhere™ (WFA).