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Thoughts on the Future of Work
  • how to communicate with remote employees

    How to Communicate with Remote Employees [And the Best Tools to Use]

    Millions of people shifted to a Work From Anywhere™ model as a result of the pandemic. Now, it’s become the norm. But leaders still struggle with how to communicate with remote employees. Below, we’ll give you some ideas to improve communication with remote employees and recommend the best communication tools for remote and hybrid teams.

  • What Gen Y and Gen Z Expect From a Work From Anywhere World

    Summary: When it comes to recruiting, onboarding, seating and coaching teams, we want to understand the role that generational experience plays in a person’s expectations in a Work From Anywhere World™ and how they view what they do, their colleagues and the future. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the expectations of millennials and Generation Z and the technologies that enable Work From Anywhere™ (WFA).

  • How to Communicate with Remote Teams [3 Methods to Try Now]

    Summary: To understand how to communicate with remote teams, it’s important to consciously include nonverbal context in our communication style, especially when it can make a difference.

    To communicate effectively, Work From Anywhere™ teams are developing innovative ways to ensure that they truly understand each other. And they’re using technology tools like Ninety® to make it happen. Find out how.

  • remote work from home moms

    3 Ways Companies Can Support Remote Work-from-Home Moms

    The COVID pandemic is having a unique impact on women, especially remote work-from-home moms. As changes in the workplace continue to have a major impact on their home lives, these tips for moms working from home can help them thrive in a Work From Anywhere World™. Harnessing the power of technology like Ninety® tools can help create life balance and help make Work easier, too.

  • How to Help WFA Employees Stay Productive

    Summary: As teams get more mobile, collaborative, dynamic and multi-generational working from anywhere, remote employee productivity and accountability is staying top of mind for leaders. They’re focusing on improving remote work policies and capabilities to serve everyone.

    What’s more, cloud-based technologies like Ninety® are continuing to improve, giving us the ability to better connect with others, establish clear accountability and use efficient ways for measuring performance regardless of location.

  • COVID Variants: How Long Will We Be Working From Home?

    Summary: The COVID-19 pandemic is causing companies to weigh how long we will work from home. As leaders reimagine timelines for office reopenings and in-person meetings, team members remain concerned about safety and health, indicating that they would be okay with the ability to Work From Anywhere (WFA) permanently. Leaders can enable WFA in the cloud with the help of Ninety® tools to keep the companies happy and productive.

  • 5 Ideas for Increasing Team Efficiency

    Summary: There is no one-strategy-fits-all answer to increase team efficiency, but these five ideas will help create a custom game plan based on making it Almost Easy™ for teams to follow the company vision and culture, stay motivated and achieve common goals.

  • Managing International Teams and Digital Nomads Across Time Zones

    Summary: With shifts in how and where we work, it can be challenging for teams working across miles and time zones. Here are six tips to make it Almost Easy™ to stay connected.

  • 23 Trends on Virtual Work for Leaders

    Summary: Out of necessity comes re-invention. While many point to the pandemic as the catalyst for our Work From Anywhere World,  this current state of workplace fluidity was an eventuality. In fact, it is the culmination of a number of shifts already in play, delivering us into a new era, a new age. This article highlights those trends, offering leaders a fresh perspective to support what they decide to do next.

  • Maintaining a Positive Company Culture in a Post-COVID World

    Summary: While having a positive company culture has always been a worthy goal, maintaining that positive vibe across a less proximate Work From Anywhere™ remote-work landscape can be more of a challenge. This article highlights the advantages of building positive company culture, with shared Core Values as foundational.

  • Tips to Building a Tighter Team When Working from Anywhere

    Summary: As company leaders strive to find the right workplace balance (working from home, in the office and places in between) in this post-pandemic environment, this article highlights specific actions to support tighter teams and better relationships between employees – no matter where Work gets done.

  • 7 Leadership Tips for Inspiring WFA Teams and Hitting Bigger Goals

    Summary: Remote work increased dramatically during the global pandemic. Today, companies must adapt to the new Work From Anywhere (WFA) model while keeping their teams cohesive and productive day after day. This article includes seven creative ways to inspire your people from a distance.

  • how to work from anywhere

    How to Work From Anywhere [9 Steps — Simplified]

    There's a simple nine-step equation to promote a Work From Anywhere™ culture in a nicely packaged infographic and the best part is: It only takes about 2 minutes of your time. Here’s how to work from anywhere — simplified.

  • Switching Off Distractions to Get More Productive

    Summary: Studies show constant notifications split our attention so much that we actually drop up to 10 I.Q. points, a larger effect than smoking marijuana. This article details how to manage those common platform alerts (email, channel-based messaging and social media) to minimize distractions when chunking time and working on projects that require full attention.

  • how to lead remote teams

    How to Lead Remote Teams [Tips for Happy, Productive Remote Employees]

    Overseeing remote and/or hybrid teams is a new way of working for most company leaders. These are the tips you need to learn how to lead remote teams, from a veteran leader of a Work From Anywhere™ workforce.

  • Share the Love: Showing Appreciation for a Work From Anywhere Team

    Summary: People don’t just like to feel appreciated… they need to feel appreciated! This article provides six concrete tips for leaders to ensure their team members know they are appreciated, no matter where they’re working from.