1-on-1 Meetings

Regular and purposeful 1-on-1 meetings are essential to the growth and development of relationships between leaders and their direct reports. The Ninety 1-on-1 tool offers a framework to guide these conversations, helping leaders and their teams stay aligned with the organization’s Core Values and their roles and responsibilities. To promote a high-trust culture, these conversations should be truthful, specific, and positive (TSP).

In this brief, you’ll learn:

  • The advantages of using Ninety’s 1-on-1 feedback tool to facilitate meaningful conversations and maintain alignment
  • The importance of frequent, well-structured 1-on-1 meetings for promoting growth and strong working relationships between leaders and their direct reports
  • How to approach 1-on-1 meetings as constructive, two-way conversations rather than one-sided performance reviews
  • The significance of preparation, specific examples, and TSP-based discussion in fostering effective 1-on-1 meetings