Meet the Author:
Kris Snyder - Professional EOS Implementer®

Kris is a Professional EOS Implementer® who has worked with 50+ clients and hosted more than 300 session days, all Powered by Ninety. He loves adventure, which probably explains why he's spent the last 22+ years building entrepreneurial tech-based companies. In addition to his role at Ninety, Kris continues to coach several days a week, which adds constant perspective to how clients use and appreciate running EOS® Powered by Ninety.

Articles by Kris Snyder - Professional EOS Implementer®

  • EOS®: The Framework to Build and Scale Your Company

    At its core, the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) is about gaining clarity and traction in your business. It’s a system that cuts through the complexity of running a small to midsize business and provides a clear, actionable path to success.

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    Core Process Mastery: From Identification to Implementation

    Mastering and documenting Core Processes is not just a task; it's a strategic move rooted in the EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System®) framework. Helping my clients document their Core Processes is an insightful journey that leads them to execute ...

  • The EOS Process®: From Start to Infinity

    I'm a fan of Simon Sinek’s position on the “infinite game” of business. You run out of either resources or will to play the game. Implementing the EOS Process is a great way to not run out of either. It’s a Forever Work, as the framework extends beyond ...