almost easy

The Backstory on 'Almost Easy'

You’ll often hear us promise that Ninety makes it Almost Easy™ to grow your business, get teams aligned and communicating, and more. But what does “Almost Easy” really mean, and why can’t we make it just — “easy?”

You Wouldn’t Be Here If Your Job Were Easy


Our work should challenge us. It should also invigorate us, fulfill us, and inspire us. 

Truthfully, some things will never be easy, even with Ninety’s help.

For one, Ninety can’t make it easy to run and grow a business. But we can make it way, way less hard.

We can’t tell you how to manage your teams. But we can give you insight into who’s working on what, help you track progress, and facilitate better communication and collaboration.

And we can’t shelter you from economic challenges or tough decisions. But we can give you the tools you’ll need to predict trends, get ahead, and make data-conscious choices.

So while some things in life will never be 100% easy, Ninety at least makes it easy to run productive meetings, assign and track tasks, give and get feedback, and more. Ninety takes some of those daily sources of pain for you and your team and makes them easier.

It Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

If you’ve ever felt that mounting frustration and thought, “This shouldn’t be this hard, should it?” You’re right: It shouldn’t be hard.

Ninety can reduce (or even prevent) so many of your day-to-day struggles at work. Here’s how:

  • Ninety can take your data and measurables and help you leverage that information to make smarter decisions and set better goals.
  • We can make it easy to communicate and share critical information.
  • We can help reduce miscommunications, missed deadlines, and wasted time.
  • We can improve company-wide transparency, so nobody is in the dark and everyone can perform to the best of their abilities. 
  • We can increase accountability, which will improve productivity and individual initiative.
  • We can help guide you through feedback conversations, meetings, and planning sessions.

Creating a strong company culture of transparency, accountability, and collaboration doesn’t have to be hard. Ninety can make it Almost Easy. 

Why can’t we make it completely easy? Because you still have to put in some time and effort to make this work.

We’ll Give You the Framework & Support You Need

Unlike other platforms, Ninety isn’t a set of disparate tools, it’s a system. It helps you implement a holistic approach to work smarter, not harder. We’ll make your work as easy (and genuinely enjoyable) as possible. 

But we know that change, even positive change, is rarely easy. And we know that adopting a new piece of technology, even one as intuitive and simple as Ninety, requires a little bit of effort and commitment until it becomes second nature.

So with that in mind, we’re here to make this journey Almost Easy

We’ll ensure you have what you need to achieve your goals and provide you with support along the way. The rest is up to you — run with it!

Let’s Get Started

We’ll make it even easier by uploading your data into Ninety for you and giving you a one-on-one walkthrough of the system. Find out just how easy it can be. 

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