Joining a Meeting as an Attendee

One of the most valuable features of are the Meeting tools - we believe the teams have streamlined countless hours from Weekly Meetings by utilizing Ninety. Our latest feature makes Meetings run within Ninety even more efficiently. 

In the past, only one person could navigate the Meeting and interact with its elements (such as creating an Issue from a Scorecard item or adding detail to a To-Do). Our latest update allows multiple people to 'Join' the Meeting and interact with these elements, all in real-time.


Whoever is leading the meeting starts as they usually would, but now members of the Team will see the option to 'Join Meeting' from their Meetings pages. After joining, team members can navigate wherever they choose within the Meeting, editing to their heart's content (including the 'Notes' page located at the bottom-left of every screen). 

Ninety displays the currently active users within the Meeting via their profile photos on the top right corner of the screen. 

As the presenter moves through the agenda, attendees will not be automatically transitioned to the next screen. We don't view this feature as a replacement for screen-sharing but as a tool to increase the efficiency of inputting information into your meeting. 

The timer will only count towards the presenter's current page, and they have ultimate control over when they conclude the Meeting. 

Attendees can leave the meeting before the meeting has officially ended. To do so, hit the 'Leave Meeting' button located beneath the timer. Clicking this will allow users to exit the meeting, but Ninety will not conclude the meeting until the user who started the meeting (the presenter) hits the 'Finish' button on the 'Conclude' page.