3 New Customization Features for Your Unique BOS

Every company is unique, so we’ve spent a lot of time making sure Ninety is flexible so it grows with you as you make your Business Operating System your own. 

We now offer even more features to customize your Ninety account and will continue adding new customization enhancements moving forward.


Custom Meeting Types

You’ve always been able to customize a meeting agenda, but now you can create a completely new type! This is great if you have teams that run daily standups or monthly check-ins. You can set it up so that your new meeting type is applied to each new team that is created, or visit Settings and create one for just a single team.


Customization helps Ninety work harder for you, and creating a custom agenda helps keep your meetings effective and relevant.

Common examples for custom meeting agendas:

  • State of the Company
  • Monthly Special Project Meeting
  • Daily Standup


Custom Language

Trying to get your organization to speak the same language? This is a feature we have been eager to release! If you use different terms for any common terms in Ninety, like Rocks, Vision, Scorecard, etc., then you can adopt your own terminology in Settings, and those changes will reflect across the app. (Just note that our help resources will still use the default terms.)


Having your team members understand your preferred operating terminology can be just as important as the tools we offer. We hope that our language configurability feature will keep your teams focused, aligned, and thriving.

Some common examples of custom language:

  • Org Chart (instead of Accountability Chart™) 
  • Data (instead of Scorecard)
  • Quarterly Goal (instead of Rocks)
  • V/TO™ (instead of Vision)


Custom Vision

Communicate more clearly with your team with the ability to add or move sections around on the Vision page. Companies (including ours) like to add sections to define their organization further. Users can add, remove, or rearrange sections even to new tabs and choose which ones to cascade down to their departments. 


Your Vision includes your grandest long-term goals and all the structure, processes, and values needed to achieve those goals. Whatever elements your Senior Leadership Team deems necessary to include in your documented Vision should have a home in Ninety, so we’ve created a dedicated space for that.

Common Vision additions:

  • SMaC
  • Core Purpose
  • Brand Promise

We are constantly adding new features, so be sure to check out our product resources to stay tuned for the big things to come in 2023. And if you have any questions, our Client Success team is always ready to help.


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