Meet the Author:
Tommy Mains

Ninety's vision to be a trusted brand, learning platform, and tool for helping small businesses inspired Tommy to join the Education team as a Content Writer. Previously, he worked as a freelance writer and high school English teacher. Tommy is a lifelong learner who hopes to bring clarity to everything he writes. He lives in Missouri with his wife and two children.

Articles by Tommy Mains

  • Is Your Organization Leveraging Vision Building for Growth?

    For decades, top organizational theorists like Jim Collins and Jerry Porras have highlighted the importance of having a Vision. All too often, leaders confuse Vision with a mission statement, philosophical creed, or the “company way” of doing things. But ...

  • Setting Business Goals: How to Write, Track, and Align Them for Growth

    Business goals are the overall accomplishments you want to achieve that support your organization’s larger Vision. This article not only underscores the importance of setting business goals to spur growth but also provides guidance on how to effectively ...