A screenshot of different elements of Ninety's UI. The My90 dashboard screen, the surveys tool, and an element of the Org chart tool.

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Whether you’re new to EOS or an Expert EOS Implementer, you might wonder how Ninety compares to the new EOS One platform. For starters, our innovative platform is built on seven years of continuous research, testing, and customer feedback, resulting in a robust and reliable solution for users looking to adopt EOS.

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Ninety is the most comprehensive software for EOS.

Over 200,000 people and more than 12,000 companies rely on the Ninety platform to help them focus, align, and thrive. Here’s why:

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Our time-tested platform offers an unsurpassed level of stability.
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The effectiveness of our features and tools is backed by data, and the design is based on customer feedback.
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We offer world-class customer support, plus we feature comprehensive help and education resources.
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We provide an intuitive user experience and a superior user interface.

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Reasons to Choose Ninety

While both platforms leverage EOS trademarked terms, when it comes to running EOS effectively and scaling your team, there is no comparison. Here are a few key advantages we offer:

Our innovative platform is the most-used — and most-tested — product in the market, suitable for small teams just starting with EOS or those teams well along their EOS journey.

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We help build alignment and agreements for cross-functional teams with the ability to easily share tasks and Milestones, support Rocks, and resolve Issues.

Ninety employees seated during a presentation, listening intently to the speaker.

We have dedicated support resources to significantly enhance the EOS implementation experience, leading to improved efficiency, decision-making, and accountability within your company.

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What Customers Are Saying about Ninety


If you run EOS, use this software. If you are using the EOS/Traction system, this software package is the way to go. Its a good value, is easy to follow and is a simple way to hold the team accountable. We love it and would be lost without it.

4 star review

Great program to run traction. Made the transition from another platform. Couldn't be happier!


Amazing tool for running EOS effectively.  This is the best tool we have found for running EOS. It has everything you could want, including meeting agendas (weekly, quarterly, and yearly). process documentation, issue tracking, and everything else you need to run EOS effectively. It's amazing!


Ninety is the best platform for EOS!

The Ninety Platform

Built on Years of Testing

The Ninety platform (formerly Traxion) began in earnest about seven years ago. The learning, innovation, and data gathered in that time are both invaluable and unmatched. See our many Milestones along the way to better understand why Ninety is the most reliable software for implementing — and accelerating — your EOS journey.

  • 2016
    Traxion Beta Launched
    100 Companies
  • 2017
    Traxion General
  • 2018
    Traxion Becomes Ninety
  • 2019
    1-on-1 and Process 
    Tools Launched
  • 2020
    Custom Meeting Agendas and
    Quarterly/Annual Meetings
  • 2021
    Multiple Participants in Meetings, 
    Scorecard Enhancements
  • 2022
    EOS One Beta Launch

  • 2023
    Mastery, Coach Partner Hub 
  • 2024
    EOS One General Launch