3 Ways Companies Can Support Remote Work-from-Home Moms

The COVID pandemic is having a unique impact on women, especially remote work-from-home moms. As changes in the workplace continue to have a major impact on their home lives, these tips for moms working from home can help them thrive in a Work From Anywhere World™. Harnessing the power of technology like Ninety can help create life balance and help make Work easier, too.


COVID-19 may be pushing women — particularly mothers — out of the workforce:

How can we ensure the work-from-home mom in your organization is supported during the pandemic and beyond? Here are three ideas to help working mothers.

  1. Right Size Performance Standards

For many working mothers, pre-pandemic level work performance can still be difficult. Being a work-from-home mom has new and complex challenges. The rise of the Delta variant is causing uncertainty over virtual or in-person school classes, childcare options and an ever-changing routine. Implement parent-friendly scheduling policies like flextime, shorter workdays, and compressed workweeks as well as updating job descriptions or allowing them to job craft.

  1. Provide Certainty When Possible

Uncertainty about the future is adding stress and chaos to women’s lives. When possible, let teams know where they stand. Provide timely policy updates, why decisions are made, clear expectations and a plan for what’s next.

  1. Embrace Work/Life Balance

First, acknowledge that people have lives outside of work. Creating a caring workplace based on people’s needs extends support to everyone — remote working mothers included. We all need compassion, empathy and understanding more than ever. Stay proactive about asking teams what they need, how they feel and if they feel comfortable with how they work.

Ninety makes it easier for working parents to Work From Anywhere™ (WFA). With these ideas for helping remote work-from-home moms and Ninety’s intuitive tools, they can balance life and work with ease.

Support Working Moms by Incorporating a Business Operating System

Women aren’t sure how to be work-from-home moms and continue to thrive in their careers. Companies aren't sure how to help their working mothers. But Ninety can help.

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