How to Help WFA Employees Stay Productive

As teams get more mobile, collaborative, dynamic and multi-generational working from anywhere, remote employee productivity and accountability are staying top of mind for leaders. They're focusing on improving remote work policies and capabilities to serve everyone.

What's more, cloud-based technologies like Ninety® are continuing to improve, allowing us to better connect with others, establish clear accountability and use efficient ways of measuring performance regardless of location.

Working from anywhere has its benefits, not the least of which is improved remote employee productivity. Recent research indicates that compared to on-site workers, people who Work From Anywhere™ (WFA) can be more productive:

  • They work 1.4 more days per month, nearly 17 additional workdays a year.
  • They tend to work an additional 10 minutes each day.
  • They also spend 10 minutes less each day being unproductive.

WFA can also increase employee satisfaction when implemented properly. Not surprisingly, 99% of current WFA workers surveyed would like to continue working from anywhere for the rest of their careers for at least some time.

As the hybrid workplace becomes the norm, advanced communication technology and internet access are helping to enable improved remote employee productivity and accountability for everyone moving forward. It's predicted that remote work software, including mobile work tools, virtual reality conferencing and business operating systems (BOS) like Ninety, will become the preferred form of communication over face-to-face meetings for WFA teams.

Companies aren't sure how to improve WFA productivity. But Ninety can help. Sign up for a free trial with access to all functions, features and support. We guarantee that you'll love it.