How to Build an Org Chart with Ninety in Five Steps

Building an Org Chart is usually daunting for any company leader. PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, or whatever other solution you've tried has always turned out to as a mere half solution and not flexible enough for ever-changing roles and people. Ninety has the complete solution to create an Org Chart that works for your organization.


Here's how to create your Org Chart on Ninety in five steps.

Step 1: Add Your Seats

Ninety gives you five seats to start, so all you have to do is start customizing for your organization! You can add a team member at any level below the Operator and edit each Seat to list roles, accountabilities, and responsibilities in detail.

Add seats for current roles or plan in advance for future hires

Step 2: Assign People to Seats

Easily assign or re-assign a person to a Seat. Have multiple seats with the same function? Add multiple people to a seat to avoid adding duplicate seats!

Step 3: Reorganize

Never feel stuck after you start building. Move seats, change managers, and make updates at any time! 

Step 4: Connect to More Content

You can connect measurables to specific roles, accountabilities, and responsibilities within each Responsibilities chart seat. This allows you to easily review your team members' productivity and see any specific areas where they need additional training or support! 

Step 5: Share, Print, Update, and More

Share your Org Chart with team members or outside stakeholders by printing everything neatly to PDF. 

Ready to build your own Org Chart? Let's get started!