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Mark Abbott

Mark Abbott is the Visionary/Founder of and a sought-after business leader, writer and executive-team coach. With nearly four decades of experience with early stage, small and mid-sized companies as a lender, investor and business builder, his passion centers on helping people build extraordinarily productive, humane and resilient companies. Mark has helped successfully build, lead and invest in dozens of organizations.

Articles by Mark Abbott

  • coworkers in conference for a weekly team meeting

    8 Types of Meetings: Matching the Right Format to Objectives

    Successful, productive meetings rely on clear objectives, active attendee participation, and agreements on necessary follow-up actions. The trick is determining which meeting will fully meet your purpose. We’ll offer a few guidelines, matching various ...

  • man getting back time to get work done

    Too Many Meetings? Here's How Leaders Can Boost Productivity

    The right meetings are always worth it. But leaders and managers are attending so many of them, it’s taking up a substantial amount of their time and energy. We’ll provide some strategies for decreasing the reactive, limited-scope meetings that jam up ...

  • On Leadership and Playing Long and Infinite Games

    As leaders, we’re living in a world that constantly evolves, one in which we’re playing with a certain set of competencies and interests. The more aligned those competencies and interests are, the more enjoyable the game. And the more enjoyable the game, ...