Meet the Author:
Mark Abbott

Mark Abbott is the Visionary/Founder of Ninety and a sought-after business leader, writer, and executive team coach. With nearly four decades of experience with early-stage, small, and midsize companies as a lender, investor, and business builder, his passion centers on helping people build extraordinarily productive, humane, and resilient organizations. Mark has helped successfully build, lead, and invest in dozens of organizations.

Articles by Mark Abbott

  • What Is Business Vision: The Core of Strategy and Growth

    If you’re an ambitious Founder/CEO, you’re driven to build something bigger than yourself. Your Vision is at the core of your business’s strategy and growth; it’s not just where you want to go, but who you want to be and how you plan to get from here to ...

  • Blog co-author Mark Abbott standing atop a rock formation, looking into the distance.

    Vision Statement: What It Is… and What We Teach at Ninety

    A vision statement is commonly seen as a carefully constructed collection of words that, once neatly strung together, represents what a company aspires to achieve five to ten years down the road, or even longer. At Ninety, however, we don't subscribe to ...

  • How We Boost Organizational Excellence in 90 Days

    If you’re like many business leaders today, one of the biggest challenges you face is not just how to build a good company (that’s challenging enough!) but how to produce an excellent organization — one that leaves a legacy.