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Ninety vs. Bloom Growth

Ninety and Bloom Growth are the two most popular software solutions for EOS®. But which platform is best?

Both platforms help you run meetings, set Rocks, manage Scorecards, the Accountability Chart™, V/TO™ and more — but there’s one clear winner.

Compare the platforms below to see why EOS Implementers®, Visionaries™, and Integrators™ depend on Ninety.

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Compare Ninety with Bloom Growth

Ninety is a licensed provider of software for EOS®, which is why you will see EOS Trademark terms in Ninety and not in Bloom Growth. You can experience the EOS Powered by Ninety platform by creating an account here. Once you've joined, you'll be able to use all of the EOS Trademark terms and other EOS default configurations.

Here's a side-by-side comparison of Ninety and Bloom Growth:







  EOS® Trademarked Terms



Customizable Language



Customizable Agendas for Meetings check_circle_outside check_circle_outside

Chat Support Available 7 Days a Week



Quarterly Conversation™


check_circle_outside*Additional cost
Delegate Milestones check_circle_outside


Toggle Between Meetings check_circle_outside cross_circle

Customizable Dashboard

*Coming 2023


Merge Issues



Notification Indicators


Text Notifications check_circle_outside cross_circle
Reassign To-Dos check_circle_outside check_circle_outside
Assign To-Dos to Users Outside Meetings check_circle_outside cross_circle
Rocks & Milestones    
Leave Comments Within Milestones check_circle_outside cross_circle
Automatically Create To-Dos From Milestones check_circle_outside cross_circle
Custom Meeting Types check_circle_outside cross_circle
Cascading Messages & Headlines    
Can Cascade to Any Team check_circle_outside cross_circle
Accountability Chart TM    
Can Hide Accountability Chart check_circle_outside cross_circle
Connect Measurables to Accountability Chart Seats
check_circle_outside cross_circle
Manage Multiple Scorecard Periods check_circle_outside cross_circle
Customize Weekly Goals check_circle_outside cross_circle
Create Formulas check_circle_outside check_circle_outside
Trailing 4 and 13 Week view of Weekly measurables
check_circle_outside cross_circle


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Ninety can help you:

Boost productivity

Give your teams the tools they need to get their work done in less time and with less frustration.

Save Time

Reduce the hours you waste on boring, unproductive meetings and tracking down lost information.

Organize, Align, Share

End miscommunications and misalignments by seamlessly sharing knowledge and resources.

Promote Your Vision

Move forward together by clarifying, refining, documenting, and then sharing your company's vision.

Elevate Accountability

Create a culture of trust and accountability by unifying teams into one platform — regardless of location.

Capture Core Data

Gain clear lines of sight into individual worlds with a readily-accessible hub of knowledge and communication.

Used by over 6,000 companies and counting.

100,000+ Users
20,000+ Meetings Run Per Month
11+ Interconnected Tools

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