Update Headlines via SMS using Henryx

It’s a good habit to add Headlines the moment you think of them — otherwise, we can easily lose the thought to the hustle of everyday life. Ninety just made creating Headlines on the go that much easier with the ability to add them via text message!

FinalPreviously, our Henryx feature allowed you to add To-Do’s, Rocks and Issues via SMS. You also had the option to get reminders on incomplete To-Do’s and Rocks as their due

dates approached. Now, by asking Henryx to “add headline” via text message, you can keep the team up-to-date with special announcements or out-of-office notifications.

If you haven’t already, learn here how to activate your phone number to use Henryx. Once your phone number is ready to go, check out this article to see all the actions you can utilize.

If you’ve ever wondered what Headlines are, we’ve got a blog post coming out shortly that explores them in detail. Think of them as the bits of news that the team would want to hear, such as a vacation, promotion, or birthday. Sometimes you’ll convert it into an Issue for further discussion, but most of the time, the team reacts and keeps moving.