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Need help keeping track of everything? Forgetting to raise important Issues in team meetings? Ninety’s interconnected platform helps you easily prioritize, discuss, and assign To-Dos from Issues. See something you need to discuss in your weekly team meeting? Add it as an Issue, and it'll show up during the problem-solving section of your meeting agenda.

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I do really like the Issues feature. I can log in during the middle of the night and jot down an issue that's been keeping me awake. That means it's not forgotten and we can get it resolved during the appropriate meeting that week. So you could say Ninety helps me sleep at night…

Jon Law, Lollipop Local


[Ninety] has improved communication and alignment across the organization as well as provided us with a much-needed framework for managing To-Dos, tracking Issues/solutions, and reviewing Scorecard data over time.

Sarah Thomas, Edgewater Group

Prioritize your Issues.

Add Discussion Points

Click on any To-Do, Rock, or Milestone and create an Issue from it so you can talk about it in your next team meeting.

On the Agenda

Create Issues as you think of them throughout the week (or mid-meeting) and discuss them during weekly team meetings.

Resolve Issues Faster

Discuss the most urgent, time-sensitive topics first in meetings. Take notes in each Issue, and break them into action items.



Get to the point.

Find Solutions

Talk through the week's Issues in your team meetings to collaborate toward real solutions and next steps.

Hold that thought

Decide if something is a Short-Term or Long-Term Issue. Discuss time-sensitive topics now; revisit the rest later.

Take Action

Found a solution? Create To-Dos for the team members who will make it happen, and add notes for helpful context.

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How to Make Something an Issue in Ninety

Here's how to move a measurable, Rock, or To-Do to the Issues list in Ninety with the "Make it an Issue" button! Don't forget to add Issues throughout the week to discuss in your meeting.

How to Send and Receive Issues Across Teams on Ninety

In meetings, you may realize another team is better equipped to address an Issue. The "Sending/Receiving Issues" feature allows your team to delegate Issues while maintaining visibility.

How to Archive Rocks, Issues, and To-Dos in Ninety

You can archive the item if you want to save the details recorded in your Rocks, Issues, and To-Dos! It'll no longer appear on your current list, but it's saved for reference.

Plus, enjoy these great features across all our tools

Issue Prioritization

Rank Issues from 1 to 5 — cover the most urgent Issues first.

Fully Customizable

Edit your meeting agendas, tool names, layouts, and more.

Make It an Issue

Right-click to instantly create To-Dos or discussion topics.

Cascade Messages

Collaborate by sending items like To-Dos across teams.


Access Ninety from your desktop or phone browser.

Comment on Items

Add your notes for quick and easy collaboration.

Export Content

Print to PDF from any page, and export data to Excel.

Recaps & Notifications

Get meeting recaps & alerts on upcoming or overdue items.

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