Across All Tools

Ninety offers a variety of tools and these great features can be used across ALL of them.

Rich Text Editing

Add bullet points, coloring, underlining, linking and more with the built in rich text editor.

Upload Attachments

Any file type accepted for attaching documents and downloading them to view.

Make it an Issue

Instantly take details from one item to turn it into an Issue or To-do simply by right clicking.

Archived Content

Easily view past items on each page via toggling and a search.

Responsive Design

Use any tool from your desktop to a mobile device with no restrictions.

Comment on Items

Write comments on Rocks, To-do’s and Issues for easy collaboration and updates.

Export Content

Easily print to PDF from any page, and export your Scorecard to Excel.

Rearrange or Reassign

Change the item, owner, team, due date, etc. easily and anytime.

We are currently running 14 different Level 10 Meetings through the program and I could not imagine any other way to organize, share and hold accountability without Ninety.

James Bringle, EmpirehouseJames Bringle, Empirehouse

Rate your next meeting a 10!

Let the automation of our Level 10 Meeting™ system work for you. Keep scrolling to check out this enhanced meeting management.

  • In app timer to track the section and overall duration.

  • Take notes throughout the meeting and see all of your meeting details on each past meeting.

  • Meeting recap email and activity recorded for review.

BONUS! Run Quarterly, Annual, Focus Day, and Vision Building Sessions just as easy!

Scorecards & Measurables

Weekly and Monthly data entry allows you to track each team’s Scorecard with ease.

  • Optional Average and Totals Columns

  • Customize your view by choosing the number of weeks or months visible.

  • Share measurables between Scorecards.


Say “done” in 90 days with easy Rock tracking and management.

Ninety Rocks are automatically integrated with Feedback and the V/TO™!

  • Add and delegate Milestones to team members! Plus, 7 days before your Milestone is due, if it is not completed then it becomes a to-do.

  • See your Rock completion rate at a glance.

  • In multiple Level 10 Meetings? Easily track your Rock to give a status update and make changes in each meeting.


Organize your team’s to-do’s to see what is past due, and overtime you can see what has not been completed on time.

  • See when items are past due, even when the due date moves!

  • Create multiple to-do’s at once by selecting multiple team members.

  • See your to-do completion rate at a glance.


View issues for your teams anytime, and easily create an issue out of any item – with the original item’s detail.

  • Easily prioritize your top 3 issues. (Top 3 are highlighted orange for your convenience!)

  • Convert Issues into To-do’s.

  • Switch issues between Short Term (L10) and Long Term (V/TO).

Conclude & Recap

End each meeting by reviewing to-do’s, cascading messages and send a meeting recap email.

  • Meeting recap email (optional) sent to all team members post-meeting.

  • Issues solved, to-do’s created, headlines discussed, cascading messages sent all tracked during the meeting.

  • All items above sent in the meeting recap email and saved in each past meeting.

Accountability Chart

Create a clear way for your people to see their roles/responsibilities, and how they are measured.

  • Multiple people with the same role? Add them all to the same seat.

  • Add a high level of detail with roles and descriptions for each.

  • Choose a new “Top Seat” to easily view different departments.

Start creating seats.

“Finally, we have a great way to build and update the Accountability Chart… now we have everything under one place at our fingertips.”

Eric Levine, Snelling Walters Insurance AgencyEric Levine, Snellings Walters Insurance Agency

Vision / Traction Organizer (V/TO)

What are you working on this quarter? A V/TO that allows you to have a shared vision of the future lets you know what needs to happen now.

  • Create a clear vision by having a V/TO for each team.
  • Detailed 3 Year and 1 Year goals to drive towards greater Traction®.

  • Save past versions in a V/TO archive.

  • Share your V/TO with all teams, or keep it private!

Vision SectionTraction® Section

“Using Ninety has changed the way our company runs on EOS® for the better. It has improved communication and alignment across the organization as well as provided us with a much needed framework.”

Sarah Thomas, IntegratorSarah Thomas, Integrator


Quarterly Conversations and Annual Reviews.

Instantly set up and review a Direct Report by the connected Rocks, the Accountability Chart, and V/TO.

Leadership and Management Assessments included!

  • Build a conversation between a manager and a direct report.

  • Each party reviews themselves and the other person.

  • Run an Annual Review within Ninety to see responses and comments side by side.

Learn more in our Help Center

Process Documentation

Build out your company Core Processes, assessing if they are Documented, Followed by All and Effective. Break out each Process into Steps and Sub Steps.

  • Write checklist details for each Step and Sub Step.

  • Connect measurables to track progress and performance.

  • Easily rearrange or duplicate Steps and Sub Steps.

“We love the interface. The design is minimal and intuitive. The bottom line is it has allowed us to spend less time gathering information, and more time devoted to executing EOS excellently throughout our entire office.”

Mebra Kisaka, Business Manager

Stay connected via text

Connect your phone number to text to add and retrieve content from your account. Works across multiple teams all through one simple number!

  • Get reminders on To-Do’s 2 days before they are due

  • Add Rocks, To-do’s and Issues

  • Retrieve Rocks, To-do’s and Issues from your list

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