Level Up With Ninety

Empowered Assistants Program

This comprehensive program enables executive assistants to become Ninety power users to best support EOS Implementers. Join Ninety experts in these live webinars, and we’ll help level up your EA role to a full-on practice manager.

Become a coaching practice partner

The Empowered Assistants Program is designed to position you as an indispensable practice partner, one who’s well-versed in the many ways Ninety can optimize a coaching practice.

You’ll learn how to take a more strategic and data-driven approach, which will help you better support both coaches and clients.

Over four training sessions, we’ll cover:

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The basics of the Ninety platform
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How to manage the coaching practice in Ninety
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How to prepare clients for sessions
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How to handle ongoing client management

Program overview

Have a sneak peek at what we’ll cover in each of the four training sessions.

  • Session 1

    Navigating Ninety:
    The Basics

    Here we’ll give an overview of Ninety’s tools and generally finding your way around the platform. You’ll learn about the customized meeting agenda and establishing weekly meetings with your Implementer. We’ll also share how we support coaches across multiple tiers with tailored benefits and how you can help advance the practice across those tiers.

    Action steps to take after Session 1:

  • Session 2

    Managing a Coaching
    Practice in Ninety

    Here’s where you start becoming a Ninety power user. You’ll gain the tools and knowledge to become more of a partner for the business. Set strategic check-ins with your coach. Learn how to track Scorecard data and Meeting Issues to spot trends and business opportunities. And dig into processes for client onboarding, client journeys, lead generation, and more.

    Action steps to take after Session 2:

    • See the type of data you’ll pull for an L10 Meeting with your EOSi
    • Learn how to track scorecard data, spot trends, uncover business opportunities, and dig into processes for client onboarding, client journeys, lead generation, and more.
    A woman at a desk working on her laptpo

    Easily Convert
    Measurables to Issues

    • Weekly client meetings
    • Recruitment rate
    • Cold calls
    • Warm leads
    • Total active clients
    • # of session days
    • # of 90mm
    • FDs scheduled
    • Add each company to the Quarterly Scorecard to track session rating
    A man wearing earbuds having a meeting on his laptop

    What Measurables
    Do You Track?

    • Clients with open invoices
    • Books delivered
    • To-dos completion rates
    • VTH Meetings conducted
    • Net new BD calls completed
    • Connections given
    • Free days for forecasting
    • EA hours
  • Session 3

    Preparing a Client

    After a quick progress check-in, we’ll tackle adding a new client and provide a PartnerHub overview — including the Ninety for Nurture business development approach for a modern coaching practice. We’ll also review the referral process and break down key PartnerStack elements like referral percentages, setting a payment provider, and reviewing average revenue share earnings.

    Action steps to take after Session 3:

    • Set a Repeating To-Do to review Partnerstack and ensure clients are not missing
    • Save the intro email as a template
    • Share Ninety For Nurture page with your Implementer
  • Session 4

    Ongoing Client

    The Quarterly Planning Meeting is a key part of keeping clients focused, crushing their goals, and staying on the road to continued growth. We’ll go through the many benefits of running a quarterly in Ninety, from editing the V/TO in real time to archiving Rocks and creating Issues. We’ll also review adding teams and cascading Ninety so coaches gain a more complete view of their clients’ progress.

    Action steps to take after Session 4:

What Assistants
Are Saying About Ninety…

“I support four Implementers and we use 90 weekly in our L10s… 90 makes it easy to keep all of my issues in one place so when I do chat with them, I have everything at my fingertips so we can cover all issues expeditiously… Customer support is critical in our business, and 90 has not disappointed. I have a fabulous working relationship with the 90 team, and we let our clients know how satisfied we are with their support.”

Karen Gard

Operations Support for EOS Implementers

Group 1

Mar 6, 2024 11:00 AM ET

Mar 20, 2024 11:00 AM ET

Apr 3, 2024 11:00 AM ET

Apr 17, 2024 11:00 AM ET

Group 2

Mar 13, 2024 11:00 AM ET

Mar 27, 2024 11:00 AM ET

Apr 10, 2024 11:00 AM ET

Apr 24, 2024 11:00 AM ET

Frequently asked questions

  • Only a user with Owner-level permissions can invite or add someone as an Implementer. Follow the steps below. 

    1. Navigate to the Directory on the left main navigation.
    2. Click Add People
    3. Ensure Invite to Company is selected.
    4. Fill out the required information (First Name, Last Name, and Email).
    5. Choose the Implementer Role on the corresponding dropdown menu.
    6. Click the Invite to Company button at the bottom of the pop-up menu.

    You can learn more here.

  • Henryx is Ninety's texting service and future Mentor Bot. Users can connect their phone number and begin texting with Henryx to add or retrieve content from their Ninety account. Henryx knows when a user is on multiple teams. When these users add an Issue, Henryx asks which team to add it to. If a user works with multiple companies, Henryx can handle that, too. Learn more about Henryx.

  • Yes. Owners, Admins, Managers, and Implementers can add as many observers to the directory free of charge. Once they're in your Directory, you can assign them to teams, add them to a Seat on the Accountability Chart, and Activate their account when you're ready to pay for their license and have them use the Ninety platform. Learn more about adding users to Ninety

  • The steps below allow one-click access to Ninety's web-based platform so that it works just like an app.


    1. Open Safari
    2. Visit https://app.ninety.io/login and login to the account
    3. Click the bottom center Share button
    4. Choose Add to Home Screen
    5. Click Add


    1. Open Google Chrome
    2. Visit https://app.ninety.io/login and login to the account
    3. Select the top right 3 dots
    4. Click Add to Home screen

    See more details on adding Ninety to your homescreen.

  • You will need admin access to your Implementer; request this through your Coach Advocate. Then, using your Implementers Partnerhub:

    *Note: Creating the company in the Implementer’s Partnerhub will automatically add the Implementer into the directory and add the client to the Implementer’s Partnerstack.

  • We created a quick Loom video to walk you through this process! View now.

  • To add yourself as an admin to your coach’s Partnerstack, follow these steps:

    • Log in to Partnerstack as the coach
    • Create a team
    • Invite a team member
    • Once you've done that, you'll get copied on the emails and be able to manage the payout funds