Client Onboarding

The most successful coaches have integrated Ninety into their coaching practice to become more efficient, take on more clients, and offer more focused support. We've developed proven processes that support all coaching styles, rooted in time-tested and successful client onboarding.

Choose the process that works best for you.



Superlative Recommendation

By delivering a warm introductory email to your Coach Advocate, your clients will be well-positioned to onboard, adopt the tools quickly, and gain trust in our team.

Here’s what it looks like:

An employee sitting at a coffee bar working on a tablet.
  1. Send an intro email to your Coach Advocate
  2. Coach Advocate pulls in a dedicated Onboarding Specialist

    • Connects client in PartnerStack
    • Adds coach for visibility
    • Guides client through training and onboarding
    • Manages data upload, if applicable

  3. Client kicks off their 30-day free trial

Who is this for?

This process is great for coaches who require Ninety but don't need it set up before a session or who want the client to have more ownership in the process.



Coach DIY

Rather than handing off the setup to your Coach Advocate, some coaches like to handle the account creation themselves to use in session or even to show clients prior to the first session.

Here’s what it looks like:

An employee working on her laptop, sitting at a table with her colleagues.
  1. The coach sets up the client account using Partner Hub in Ninety, activating the free 30-day trial.
  2. The coach can add the Leadership Team members to use the account in session.
  3. Following the first session, the coach introduces the Coach Advocate to provide training and ongoing support.

Who is this for?

This process is best for coaches who require Ninety, want to use it in session, and want control over the template used. 



Client DIY

Ninety is simple, intuitive, and easy enough for clients to get started on their own. If you want to refer Ninety without having a hand in the account setup process, this is the best option for you.

Here's what it looks like:

Two employees having a conversation in a cafe.
  1. Share your unique referral link.
  2. Client will have access to webinars and self-service training through our Help Center.
  3. Client kicks off their 30-day free trial by clicking your referral link.

Who is this for?

The client DIY option is best for tech-savvy companies who want to get started on their own. Or share your referral link with companies in your network — those you're not actively coaching but that could benefit from using Ninety.