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Frameworks Matter: Proven Strategies for Making Your Business Unstoppable

Imagine having a trusted road map for building a thriving company, leveraging the experience and insights of an ambitious founder. That's the power of the Founder's Framework.

These frameworks are distilled from Mark Abbott’s four decades of coaching founders and his own journey as the Founder and Visionary of Ninety. Whether you’re looking to emphasize growth and sustainability, hitting a ceiling in the later Stages of Development, or looking to build wisely for the future, Founder’s Framework is a valuable resource for realizing your goals.

We invite you to discover — and contribute — actionable insights that simplify the hard work of building a great organization and ensure the kind of continuous growth that can one day let you confidently entrust your company to the next generation of leaders.

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A Platform to Help You Focus, Align, and Thrive

For ambitious founders wrestling with growth challenges, Ninety is the all-in-one, cloud-based platform that gives founders everything they need to build a company they’ll love forever.

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New Book

Work 9.0 The Evolution of Work

In Work 9.0: The Evolution of Work, Mark Abbott presents an optimistic and profound exploration of the future of work, culture, and society. This groundbreaking book delves into the evolution of workplace dynamics, offering a visionary perspective on how we can collectively create a world where a larger percentage of people feel their lives are meaningful and fulfilling. Be among the first to get it.

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